Best Support Champions In League of Legends In 2021

Credit: Image via Riot Games

Credit: Image via Riot Games

League of Legends has various champion roles which are all vital in the team composition whenever you enter games and matches.

And one of the most underrated roles as seen by the gaming community is the support role which can really help the team in terms of being successful in each of their individual roles.

The support role might not be the primary option to notch kills and provide massive damage to the opponent, but the support champions in League of Legends definitely have their place on the map, as well as their provided overall boost to the team.

Having said that, it's worth noting League of Legends' developers has revealed that there are going to be big changes to the game's meta as we approach the League of Legends World Championship. So we'll likely update this page following the release of League of Legends 11.23 if there are big changes.

For now, let's take a look at the Best Support Champions that League of Legends has to offer.

Best Support Champions In League of Legends

5. Leona

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Our former top 1 support in update 11.15 is still here, though now we rank her for number 5 after update 11.16.

But again, Leona still has it all - the ability to stun, deal damage, lower the cast-time of her skills, provide bonus armor and shield, slow down enemies, etc. She can be your toolbox support champion which can provide almost everything that you need in terms of boosts and added flare.

She is also a tanky champion which makes her abilities to provide almost anything more consistent. Leona could be paired alongside your team’s ADC champion to unleash its full potential.

Her Eclipse skill can shoulder the defensive aspect, the Zenith Blade skill can deal damage towards a certain direction, and her ultimate Solar Flare can initiate fights by stunning an enemy champion in a sure and consistent manner. Leona is a great all-around support champion through the years, no matter what the meta is.

4. Senna

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Senna is a mixed support and marksman champion which is now our top 4 best support champion after update 11.16 (coming from the top 5 in our last list for update 11.15). The thing that made her join our list is that aside from her ranged attacks and skills that can provide damage as well as protection to the team, she can also be a really good option to funnel.

You can use her to poke during the early stages of the game while increasing the stacks of her damage as the game goes by.

Use her Piercing Darkness ability to fire damage at a direction to a target unit in a thinner line, while at the same time healing herself as well as an allied champion in a specific line.

3. Lulu

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Lulu can really help a team to go and take the win if she is being used properly, and stays on our list for the best support champions after update 11.16.

Lulu could provide massive support in terms of making the abilities of a team’s main carry champion go on to the next level. One of her main engines is her ultimate skill Wild Growth that can provide a huge health boost to herself or to an allied champion. It can go from 300-600 (plus 50% AP), so using it multiple times can be a really viable choice.

Another thing she can provide is damage output which can range from average to high, especially in the late game. Her skills such as Pix, Faerie Companion, Glitterlance, and Help, Pix which primarily involves her companion Pix can inflict damage and do pokes to the enemies. You just have to time it properly and have the right build to further increase the damage she can deal.

2. Sona

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Probably the champion with the most rework done by Riot games this update 11.16, Sona has climbed the ranks of the best support champion in League of Legends and has now been considered as a staple for most line-ups with her revamped skills and stats.

Sona's Hymn of Valor skills can be used to poke enemies in lanes, prioritizing the enemy champions that it can reach. Also in the late game, Sona can be really powerful by lowering the cooldown of your ultimates - to the point that you can even use those twice during a fight (assuming you still have the required mana for those to be used again).

Yet Sona can also help regenerate mana through her Power Chord, as well as added health with her Aria of Perseverance. Overall, Sona has really made her way back to the meta and is now a support champion you should keep an eye on.

1. Thresh

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Now after update 11.16, Thresh should be in our top 1 spot for the best support champions in League of Legends. He may be a bit harder to master compared to easier to pilot support champions to unleash his full potential, but he can really change the course of the game.

The hook of his skill Death Sentence can really be game-changing. Not just does it capture the target enemy, but it also deals damage when hit with that skill, as well as additional stun which can be so helpful against enemy champions with high speed.

Thresh's skills The Box and Flay can potentially become heavy damage dealers and slow-causing abilities, especially in the late game, providing more damage to even power up your core jungler or marksman for more kills. And with today's meta, Thresh surely provides the sustain and synergy to bring out the best of your team in any given situation.

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