League of Legends: What Is CS?

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In League of Legends, there are game jargons or terms that you can often hear or see in the chatbox from time to time during games.

And one of those terms is the abbreviated word ‘CS’. It is a term in LOL which is inclined more on the performance stats of players.


Although it may not be a term that is actually being said in a fight, knowing what it means is quite helpful in the game.

Keep reading to know what is CS in League of Legends.

What Is CS In League of Legends?

CS in League of Legends means ‘creep score.’

Your creep score during a game is the amount of minion or neutral monster kills you have done. If you are going to somehow compare it to an enemy kill, it should be at least 15 CS to 1 kill.

The gold you may get from a single kill is roughly the same amount of gold you can nab in listing a CS of 15.

But even scoring enemy kills may seem to be more valuable, having a decent CS can also contribute to your team especially in wave clearing of minions which is needed to march towards the enemy’s towers.


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