League of Legends: How To Unlock Champions

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In League of Legends (LOL), the primary aspect that you could be inclined the most are the champions in the game.

They are the heart and soul of LOL and being able to unlock most of them can max out your choices in terms of who would want to use each time you are stepping in the Summoner’s Rift.


So, here’s how you can unlock champions in League of Legends.

How To Unlock Champions In League of Legends

Aside from the champions you can unlock during the very start of your game journey in LOL, the other champions can only be unlocked in the easiest way by purchasing them using Blue Essence or BE.

BE is the game’s main currency used to buy stuff. Although you should know that it is not easy to get these, and spending BE may require you a lot just to buy some stuff which you can actually get by using Riot Points – or your real money.


The prices of champions may vary. You can get them for either of the following: 585 RP/1,350 BE, 790 RP/3150 BE, 880 RP/4800 BE, or 975 RP/6300 BE. Waiting for a champion sale is also viable.

Also, collecting Champion Shards could be useful to unlock new champions along the way. You can get those by opening Hextech Chests.

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