King Of Fighters 15: Kyo Kusanagi Move List and Guide

True to form, the latest King of Fighters game includes Kyo Kusanagi. Kyo will be returning to the game with his crew, Team Sacred Treasures, and as a side character looking out for any ancient evils rising up from the upcoming tournament. Instead of the game's story circling around him, it looks like the main focus of the story will be on someone else for a change.

Who Is Kyo Kusanagi in King of Fighters?

For the first several King of Fighters entries, Kyo Kusanagi was the central character. His role mainly focussed on a clan responsible for an ancient evil, as well as settling his rivalry against Iori Yagami.

However, in KoF 15, Kyo Kusanagi is returning as a memorable side character as the series shifts focus on the adventures of Shun'ei as its main character. Even with the series spotlight away from him, Kyo Kusanagi remains a hero participating in the tournament, while looking out for trouble.

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King of Fighters 15 - Kyo Kusanagi Move List

As a character, Kyo Kusanagi sports standard and reliable special moves, and he's more beginner-friendly than most. Even though he has a basic design, Kyo Kusanagi lacks a reliable projectile which requires players to close the gap manually and avoid keepaway attempts until he gets close enough to deal damage.

However, Kyo has a rich toolset for opening foes' block stance. His special moves have a lot of follow-ups that can be linked up to harder hits for a decent combo or deliver block openers in form of overheads and lows on block.

Kyo Command Moves

  • Ge-Shiki Gofu Yo - Forward + Light Kick
  • 88 Shiki - Down Forward + Strong Kick
  • Ge-Shiki Naraku Otoshi - In mid-air, Down + Strong Punch

Kyo Special Moves

  • 100 Shiki Oniyaki - DP Motion (Forward, Down, Down Forward) + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • R.E.D KicK - Back then Quarter circle back + Light Kick/Strong Kick
  • 75 Shiki Kai - Quarter circle forward + Light Kick/Strong Kick
    • 75 Shiki Kai (Followup) - During 75 Shiki Kai, Light Kick/Strong Kick
  • 115 Shiki Dokugami - Quarter Circle forward + Strong Punch
    • 401 Shiki Tsumiyomi - During 115 Shiki Dokugami, Half circle forward to back + Light Punch/ Strong Punch
      • 402 Shiki Batsuyomi - During 401 Shiki Tsumiyomi, Forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
        • 100 Shiki Oniyaki - During 402 Shiki Batsuyomi, DP Motion + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • 114 Shiki Aragami - Quarter Circle forward + Light Punch
    • 128 Shiki Konokizu - During 114 Shiki Aragami, Quarter Circle forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
      • 125 Shiki Nanase - During 128 Shiki Konokizu, Light Kick/Strong Kick
      • 127 Shiki Yanosabi 1 - During 128 Shiki Konokizu, Light Punch/Strong Punch
    • 127 Shiki Yanosabi 2 - During 114 Shiki Aragami, half circle forward to back + Light Punch/Strong Punch
      • 212 Shiki Kototsuki Yo - During 127 Shiki Yanosabi 2, half circle forward to back + Light Kick/Strong Kick
      • Ge-Shiki Migari Ugachi - During 127 Shiki Yanosabi 2, Light Punch/Strong Punch
    • 124 Shiki Munotsuchi - During 114 Shiki Aragami, Half circle forward to backward + Light Kick/Strong Kick
      • 427 Shiki Hikigane - During 124 Shiki Munotsuchi, Light Kick/Strong Kick
      • Ge-Shiki Shiki Tsurebeotoshi - During 124 Shiki Munotsuchi, Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • 212 Shiki Kototsuki Yo -Half circle front to back + Light Kick/Strong KLick

Kyo Super Special Moves

  • Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi -Quarter Circle back then half circle back to forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • 182 Shiki - Double quarter circle forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch

Kyo Climax Super Special Moves

  • Ura 1212 Shiki Yakumo - Quarter Circle Back then half circle back to forward + both Strong Punch and Strong Kick

Kyo Normal Throws

  • Hatsugane - Near opponent, forward or back + Strong Punch
  • Issetsu Seoi Nage - Near opponent, forward or back + Strong Kick

When playing as Kyo, players will need to memorize the alternate routes to his special moves to make the best out of his pressure options. Other than Kyo, players will need to add other characters in their team to fully play the game. Other characters, like Shun'ei, Iori, and Chizuru could complete this character's standard pressure powerhouse of a pick.

Kyo Kusanagi Death Combos

Even though Kyo is efficient at breaking opponent's defenses, he can also string up his follow-up based specials to make a killing combo even at full health. Here's an example of one of Kyo's 100% health combos

Make sure to practice the combo well. If a mistake is made, Kyo could be left open for punishment and barely any resources to use for the rest of the fight. If done right, though, Kyo can be one of the more reliable threats to the enemy's team.

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