King of Fighters 15: Shun'ei Move List and Guide

SNK recently revealed command lists for the first eight playable characters in the King of Fighters 15 Open Beta. The game's primary main character, Shun'ei, is naturally among the playable characters and will still be available along with the initial roster on release. Here's what we know about the main protagonist of the latest King of Fighters.

Who Is Shun'ei in King of Fighters?

Shun'ei was introduced as one of the fighters of Team China of King of Fighters 14. This character's fighting style is similar to fantasy martial arts, one that allows him to conjure large hands made out of fire and ice. After his introduction in the previous game, Shun'ei is entering the next King of Fighters 15 leading Team Hero, along with Meitenkun and Benimaru Nikaido.

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King of Fighters 15 - Shun'ei Move List

Shun'ei retains most of his special moves from his past appearances. Shun'ei plays like an anime character with over-exaggerated movements, thanks to the extra mobility from his air dash special move. Beyond his better mobility, Shun'ei was known as a solid character with high damage moves for combos, but requires a lot of meter to consistently execute.

Here's what Shun'ei can do in this game.

Shun'ei Command Moves

  • Sky Axe - Forward + Light Kick
  • Ground Hammer - Forward + Light Punch
  • Target Combo 1 - (From far away) Heavy Punch + Heavy Punch

Shun'ei Special Moves

  • Scarlet Phantom - Quarter circle back + Light Punch/Heavy Punch
  • Aqua Spear - Quarter circle forward + Light Punch/Heavy Punch
  • Rising Efreet - DP motion (Forward, Down, Down Forward) + Light Punch/ Heavy Punch
  • Blau Wing - In Air, Quarter circle forward + Light Punch/Heavy Punch
  • Thruster Vision - Front - In Air, Quarter circle forward + Strong Kick
  • Thruster Vision - Back - In Air, Quarter circle back + Strong Kick
  • Thruster Vision - Slant - In Air, Quarter circle forward + Light Kick
  • Thruster Vision - Under - In Air, Quarter circle back + Strong Kick

Shun'ei Super Special Moves

  • Gaianic Burst - Double quarter circle forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • Specter Extension - Double quarter circle forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch

Shun'ei Climax Super Special Moves

  • Phantom Singulation - Quarter circle back then, half circle back to forward + both Strong Punch and Kick

Shun'ei Normal Throws

  • Buster Knee Kick - Near opponent, Forward or Backward + Strong Punch
  • Aerial Leg Throw - Near opponent, Forward or Backward + Strong Kick

Fighting games often have their main characters as an accessible pick for beginners, and KoF 15 is no different. Players who want to start with a solid character can't go wrong with Shun'ei. For his teammates, it'll be best to pick good, standard characters like Kyo and Iori

Shun'ei Death Combos

As a main character pick, Shun'ei also has a potential to delete a character from a match if he has enough meter. Here are some combos to note where he does just this:

Be careful to not drop the combo when doing it, though. Making a mistake could leave Shun'ei vulnerable and without resources, which further makes it difficult to finish the round in his favor. Practice it well, and Shun'ei can fit in your team well in any position.

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