King Of Fighters 15: Iori Yagami Move List and Guide

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Among the King of Fighters 15 cast, Iori Yagami is one of the more recognizable faces for series fans due to his appearance in every entry and spinoff in King of Fighters. In KoF 15, he still sports his savage fighting style mixed in with his blue flames to brutally subdue his foes. However, Iori is not one of the main characters of this entry.

Who Is Iori Yagami in King of Fighters?

Iori Yagami has always been the rival and foil to the first main character of the game, Kyo Kusanagi. Both characters have been defined by, and have grown in fighting styles through, their rivalry.

In King of Fighters 15, Iori Yagami joins Kyo Kusanagi and Chizuru Kagura as part of Team Sacred Treasures. Beyond their rivalry, both Iori and Kyo will be fulfilling their roles as descendants of clans responsible of sealing ancient evils that are suspected to rise up during the events of King of Fighters 15.

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King Of Fighters 15 - Iori Yagami Move List

Iori is often a solid character with complete tools to go on the offensive, with plenty of options for a good defense too. Even though he is fairly similar to Kyo Kusanagi, Iori's specialty is that he has ways to get in and deal a lot of damage through long combos.

Iori Command Moves

  • Ge-Shiki Yumebiki - Forward + Light Punch
    • Ge-Shiki Yumebiki(Follow-up) - During Ge-Shiki Yumebiki, Light Punch
  • Ge-Shiki Gofu In "Shinigami" - Forward + Light Kick
  • Ge-Shiki Yuriori - In mid-air, Back + Light Kick

Iori Special Moves

  • 108 Shiki Yamibarai - Quarter circle forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • 108 Shiki Oniyaki - Dragon Punch Motion (Forward, Down, Down Forward) + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • 127 Shiki Aoibana 1 - Quarter circle back + Light Punch/Strong Punch
    • 127 Shiki Aoibana 2- Quarter circle back + Light Punch/Strong Punch
      • 127 Shiki Aoibana 3 - Quarter circle back + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • 212 Shiki Kototsuki In - Half circle forward to back + Light Kick/Strong Kick
  • Kuzukaze - Near opponent, Half circle forward to back then Forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • 311 Shiki Tsumakushi - DP Motion + Light Kick/Strong Kick

Iori Super Special Moves

  • Kin 1211 Shiki Yaotome - Quarter circle forward then half circle forward to back + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • Ura 316 Shiki Saika - During 1211 Shiki Yaotome, Double quarer circle forward + both Light Punch and Strong Punch
  • Ura 1018 Shiki Yashiori - Quarter Circle back then half circle back to forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch (Can be held to charge up and delay)

Iori Climax Special Moves

  • Ura 1131 Shiki Hozuki - Quarter Circle back then half circle back to forward + Both Strong Punch and Strong Kick at the same time.

Iori Normal Throws

  • Sakahagi - Near opponent, Forward or Back + Strong Punch
  • Kanyarai - Near opponent, Forward or Back + Strong Kick

Iori Yagami Death Combos

True to his identity as a reliable pick all around, Iori has access to killing combos with a lot of resources. Try out these combos on your foes:

Even as a reliable character, Iori's Touch Of Death combos can be long and difficult to do in real matches. However, it is possible to pull them off consistently after some practice. If these combos are done well, Iori at the last spot can be a potent enough force to take down an entire team.

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