All King of Fighters 15 Characters Confirmed For The Roster So Far

King of Fighters 15 is the next release from SNK coming in February 2022. As one of the most genre's most celebrated and long-standing series, it's garnered quite a fan base, but also a massive roster of fighters. In King of Fighters 15, SNK will of course lean on quite a number of characters seen in past outings, but there's also a handful of new characters joining the fight too. Here's a look at which characters have been confirmed to appear in King of Fighters 15.

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How many characters will King of Fighters 15 have?

SNK has confirmed that The King of Fighters 15 will launch with 39 playable characters, which will consist of 13 teams of three, plus an additional boss character. Of the characters revealed so far, only three are new characters never-before-seen in the series.

Post-launch SNK plans to release 4 more teams, each consisting of 3 fighters. That's an additional 12 fighters planned to come to the game as paid DLC.

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All Confirmed KOF 15 Characters

SNK has been slowly revealing the characters over the past few months with a full list of characters who'll be included in the King of Fighters 15 roster. At the time of writing (January 20, 2022) all 39 playable characters have been revealed.

Below is a list of all confirmed characters revealed so far, grouped by their associated team.

  1. Shun'ei (Team Hero)
  2. Meitenkun (Team Hero)
  3. Benimaru Nikaido (Team Hero)
  4. Joe Higashi (Team Fatal Fury)
  5. Andy Bogard (Team Fatal Fury)
  6. Terry Bogard (Team Fatal Fury)
  7. Kyo Kusanagi (Team Sacred Treasures)
  8. Iori Yagami (Team Sacred Treasures)
  9. Chizuru Kagura (Team Sacred Treasures)
  10. Yashiro Nanakase (Team Orochi)
  11. Chris (Team Orochi)
  12. Shermie (Team Orochi)
  13. Ryo Sakazaki (Team Art of Fighting)
  14. Robert Garcia (Team Art of Fighting)
  15. King (Team Art of Fighting)
  16. Yuri Sakazaki (Team Super Heroine)
  17. Mai Shiranui (Team Super Heroine)
  18. Athena Asamiya (Team Super Heroine)
  19. Leona Heidern (Team Ikari)
  20. Clark Still (Team Ikari)
  21. Ralf Jones (Team Ikari)
  22. Vanessa (Team Secret Agent)
  23. Luong (Team Secret Agent)
  24. Blue Mary (Team Secret Agent)
  25. Ramon (Team Galaxy Anton Wrestling)
  26. King of Dinosaurs (Team Galaxy Anton Wrestling)
  27. Antonov (Team Galaxy Anton Wrestling)
  28. Ash Crimson (Team Ash)
  29. Kukri (Team Ash)
  30. Elisabeth Blanctorche (Team Ash)
  31. Isla (Team Rival)
  32. Heidern (Team Rival)
  33. Dolores (Team Rival)
  34. K' (Team K')
  35. Whip (Team K')
  36. Maxima (Team K')
  37. Angel (Team Krohnen)
  38. Krohnen (Team Krohnen)
  39. Kula Diamond (Team Krohnen)

Team Pass 1 DLC Characters

  1. Rock Howard (Team Garou)
  2. Gato (Team Garou)
  3. B.Jenet (Team Garou)
  4. Geese Howard (Team South Town)
  5. Billy Kane (Team South Town)
  6. Ryuji Yamazaki (Team South Town)

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