17 Sep 2021 4:58 PM +00:00

King of Fighters 15: Confirmed Character Roster So Far

SNK is slowly revealing the characters that'll fill the roster for the upcoming King of Fighters 15. Many characters have been revealed but have yet to fully show the official teams they'll belong to. Here's what we know about the upcoming characters to arrive in the game.

Characters Confirmed So Far

Aside from its slightly rigid gameplay that can explode into hyperfast fights with the right resources, the King of Fighters fans are interested in seeing the characters included in the King of Fighters 15 game. Here are the confirmed characters in the roster so far.

  1. Shun'ei (Team Hero)
  2. Meitenkun (Team Hero)
  3. Benimaru Nikaido (Team Hero)
  4. Joe Higashi (Team Fatal Fury)
  5. Andy Bogard (Team Fatal Fury)
  6. Terry Bogard (Team Fatal Fury)
  7. Kyo Kusanagi (Team Sacred Treasures)
  8. Iori Yagami (Team Sacred Treasures)
  9. Chizuru Kagura (Team Sacred Treasures)
  10. Yashiro Nanakase (Team Orochi)
  11. Chris (Team Orochi)
  12. Shermie (Team Orochi)
  13. Ryo Sakazaki (Team Art of Fighting)
  14. Robert Garcia (Team Art of Fighting)
  15. King (Team Art of Fighting)
  16. Yuri Sakazaki (Team Super Heroine)
  17. Mai Shiranui (Team Super Heroine)
  18. Athena Asamiya (Team Super Heroine)
  19. Leona Heidern (Team Ikari)
  20. Clark Still (Team Ikari)
  21. Ralf Jones (Team Ikari)
  22. Vanessa (Team Secret Agent)
  23. Luong (Team Secret Agent)
  24. Blue Mary (Team Secret Agent)
  25. Ramon (Team Galaxy Anton Wrestling)
  26. King of Dinosaurs (Team Galaxy Anton Wrestling)
  27. Antonov (Team Galaxy Anton Wrestling)
  28. Ash Crimson
  29. Kukri

More To Come

So far, SNK is not yet done revealing the initial cast of King of Fighters 15. The game is slated for release in early 2022 and 2021 is still far from over. The reveals may trickle in more in the coming months.

As of now, most King of Fighters titles include at least 10 teams of three fighters before the whole tournament story starts again. The reveals are still far from completing this quota and we may see more characters before 2021 ends.