King of Fighters 15: 35th Character Angel Revealed

SNK's confirmed the 35th character for King of Fighters 15 will be Angel. This character is a living reference to a famous real-life wrestler and also a difficult character to play. So far, she's yet to be included in any team.

Her reveal trailer showcased a few attacks and moves, which are based on famous wrestler/actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Also seen interacting with Team Galaxy Anton Wrestling's Ramon, that's one of her former teammates in a previous King of Fighters entry.

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King of Fighters 15 Angel Reveal

Based on her appearance in the older entries, Angel was known to be a difficult character to pick up. Even though she's designed as wrestler, Angel isn't the straightforward grappler this archetype would suggest.

Angel sports a unique Unchain system, which allows her to apply freeform pressure on offense. However, that also makes her difficult to understand at first. Players who want a challenging character to learn can definitely find it here.

With Angel taking up the 35th spot in the game, King of Fighters 15 still has four slots left in its initial roster. Fans still have a few months before this game launches in February 2022 to see who's left.

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