Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Tips for Defeating Sprout Captain

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Your quest to help Taro's Spirit in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is blocked by many enemies, one of those being Sprout Captain. This boss wields dual weapons that look and act a lot like two swords which means you need to be a bit careful when fighting it. We have some tips to help you defeat Sprout Captain easily.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Tips for Defeating Sprout Captain

Sprout Captain is a boss you come up against whilst trying to clear Taro's Shrines. The dual-weapon-wielding tree is tough to fight, especially in such a confined space. When the battle begins, all of your exit routes are blocked. Luckily, we took on the battle and came up with a few helpful tips for defeating it!

Shield, Shield and Shield Again

The confined battle space means that you will end up being close to Sprout Captain at some point in the fight. If you find yourself dangerously close to the angry foliage, use your shield. Press and hold your Pulse button to create a shield.

Remember: The shield will only protect you once. If you try to stay in the same spot in the same shield then the Sprout Captain will hit you with a very strong attack and take a chunk of your health.

Wait Before You Dodge and Run

When a gigantic enemy is coming at you very fast, it's natural to want to dodge and run away immediately. The problem is that with this boss, it can instantly spin its attack around to wherever you've managed to dodge too if you move too early.


You need to stay brave until Sprout Captain is very close to you. Only then can you dodge and run out of the way as it will already be launching its attack.

Don’t Bring a Staff to an Arrow Fight

As tempting as it is to whack this big baddie with your Staff, the odds are that it will get you killed unless you have upgraded to and unlocked the Rot Hammer that can do damage from a distance.

Arrows are the weapon of choice for this fight. The speed at which Sprout Captain moves means that using your weaker arrow shot is better but it is possible to use charged arrows if you're far enough away from it. If you jump and then pull your arrow mid-jump, time will slow down briefly and you can get a more precise shot.

Blind It!

No, it's not cheating. When you've hit Sprout Captain a few times, your Rot will be brave enough to help you in the fight. Aim at it then use your Rot command button to get them to blind Sprout Captain briefly.

Kena pointing an arrow at Sprout Captain who is being blinded by the Rot.
Again, it's not cheating!

Whilst Sprout Captain is being blinded, it cannot attack you as its focus will be on the Rot. This is your chance to hit it with some heavy hits from your Staff (if you can make a clean and quick escape) or hit it with charged arrows on its weak points.

Everything Has a Weakness

Everything has a weakness and Sprout Captain is no different. In a similar way to how you went about defeating Wood Knight, this boss has Courage orbs growing on it. All you need to do is get a clean and clear shot at them.

Once you shoot the weak spot, a huge chunk of its health will go down. Granted, it will get really mad at you for that but you now know how to drag its health bar down quickly.

Defeating Sprout Captain in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a case of rinse and repeat the steps that you know work. There are lessons from defeating Sprout and defeating Kappa that can apply to this battle too!