Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Tips for Defeating Wood Knight

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As you play through Kena: Bridge of Spirits you will encounter multiple minor and major enemies. Wood Knight is the latter and the third boss-type enemy you come across in the game, but it's unlike any of the ones before it. This is why we've gathered together some important tips that will help you defeat Wood Knight.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Tips for Defeating Wood Knight

Wood Knight is the boss you come up against when you start to help Rusu clear the corruption from their house. After defeating a few minor, but annoying, tree-dwelling enemies you will then be introduced to Wood Knight. Fighting this boss is like an intense game of whack-a-mole, so be prepared to move fast.

Keep Your Distance

For a large chunk of wood, the Knight moves very fast and packs a powerful punch. The area you are fighting it in is very compact so it can reach you within a few strides. To avoid taking too much damage from the Knight, it's a good idea to try to keep your distance from it. This will not affect your ability to damage it because by this point you will have acquired your Bow and Arrow.

Use the Health Flowers

The plants that restore Kena's health can be found in the area and they are incredibly helpful. You need to use your Rot to activate them but when they are active, you can run past or through them to rapidly restore your health. Wood Knight is a tricky boss and it's very likely you will lose some health at some point.


Run, Run, Run as Fast as You Can!

Keeping your distance will only work for a short amount of time because one of Wood Knight's abilities is that it will charge at you and whack you with its massive stick. Whilst you're attacking it and taking its health down, it's natural that Wood Knight gets a little bit angry with you. If you keep sprinting around as you attack it, you can generally avoid the worst of its attacks.

Also, its massive stick can act as a boomerang so it will throw it at you then catch it again. If you keep running then it will be harder for the Knight to target you.

Arrows Are the Best

By this point in the story, Rusu would have given you your Bow and Arrow ability which will be crucial in defeating Wood Knight. The best way to keep your distance, run around and deal the most damage to the Knight is to use the Bow and Arrow repeatedly.

Kena fighting Wood Knight with Bow and Arrow
Fully charged arrows will do the most damage!

Both the normal and charged arrows will deal damage to it whilst keeping you far enough away to avoid taking damage yourself.

Use Your Rot Buddies!

Your little squad of Rot will make taking down Wood Knight much easier because they can blind it. Aim at Wood Knight once you have enough courage and use your Rot command button to get them to blind it.

Whilst the Knight is temporarily blind, you can get some heavy hits in with your Staff or hit it with a few charged Arrows.


It Has Weak Spots

Throughout the game, you learn that when you defeat enemies, they drop little glowing orbs called Courage. As you collect these, the Rot become braver and will help you perform certain tasks. Wood Knight has some Courage orbs growing on its body.

The first Courage orb will be located on its head, mimicking how an eyeball would look if it had eyes. The only way to hit any of the orbs is with an arrow and once you hit the first orb, you will see how much it impacts the Knight's health. If you hit these weak spots, the battle will be over quickly.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is full of mystical and magical enemies for you to defeat with Wood Knight being only one of them! If you find yourself getting stuck on earlier bosses, we have tips for defeating Sprout and if you want to jazz up your Rot pals, we can show you how to unlock the Hat Cart!