Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Tips for Defeating Kappa

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Kappa is the second boss that you come up against in Kena: Bridge of Spirits and this boss has a few tricks up its metaphorical sleeves. We've battled through and put together a few tips to help you defeat Kappa when you come face to face with the cave-dwelling enemy.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Tips for Defeating Kappa

Kappa appears suddenly on your quest to get to Rusu's House and in probably the least ideal area for a fight. The cramped surroundings of the cave ensure that the fight is complicated and to make matters worse, Kappa can summon other enemies. Here are a few key tips to follow when fighting this boss and a few clever tricks to keep you in the fight.

Watch Out, Enemies Are About

One of Kappa's irritating abilities is that it can throw red orbs that will spawn enemies when they land on the ground. Often, it will throw the orbs directly at you or the immediate area around you in an attempt to overwhelm you with a wave of enemies.

When Kappa throws the orbs then the best idea is to run in the opposite direction if possible. That way you will be at a safe distance when the enemies start to spawn and you can plan your attack better.

Take out any and all small enemies before attempting to attack Kappa. If you try to take on the boss whilst the little enemies are about there is a good chance they will sneak up on you.


Heal With the Special Flower

By this point in the game, you should be well aware of the special flowers that can heal Kena when she takes damage. One of these flowers is in the cave where you fight Kappa and once you've gathered enough courage to use your Rot, you should really set this flower up.

Your health will be shown by a blue bar in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Monitor this throughout the battle and use the flower whenever it starts to run low.

Being able to get health back whenever you need it is a huge bonus in any boss battle.

Stay Alert

The small space you will be fighting in can mean that you will find yourself stuck in a very dangerous position if you're not paying attention. Enemies can easily corner you against one of the cave walls and if they corner you near one of Kappa's spawn points, well it's going to hurt.


To avoid this, just make sure you're paying attention to your surroundings.

Kappa Has Multiple Spawn Points

Another one of Kappa's abilities is that it can burrow underground then appear at another one of its spawn points.

The spawn points for it do stand out against the rest of the cave. The ones on the ground are an almost circular shape made of stones and they have a red ring around the inner part of it.

Do not stand in these rings even if they are empty. Kappa will pop up and you will take a lot of damage.

Heads Up!

When Kappa's health has been damaged slightly, it can teleport to a ledge at the very top of the cave. From here it will rain down another version of the red orbs but these ones will not spawn enemies.


Instead, the orbs themselves will damage you if they hit you and the best way to avoid this is to keep moving. If you see an orb heading for you, shield or dodge out of the way.

Blind Kappa

Your little sidekicks are the best way for you to take down Kappa. Kappa has powerful claw swipes that will take a large chunk of Kena's health away if she gets hit by it and they attack fast. It is possible to get a few hits on it without using your sidekicks but you run the risk of trading in your health to do a tiny bit of damage.

Kena battling a blind Kappa.

If you use your Rot command button to make them blind Kappa then it will not be able to attack you for a brief period of time. During this time you can get a couple of heavy strikes or multiple weaker strikes on it. This is the best time to attack Kappa because you can do damage without being in danger.


Be careful though, Kappa won't stay blinded for long so once you see it lifting its claw you should step back or use your shield.

Drain Its Health

As with other bosses in this game, Kappa's health bar will be displayed at the top of your screen. All you need to do is wear this down to nothing to defeat them whilst making sure you don't die yourself!

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