Hogwarts Legacy Surprises Fans With Nintendo Switch Version

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In a surprising move, Warner Bros. has confirmed Hogwarts Legacy will launch on the Nintendo Switch. Following a major gameplay reveal during Sony's recent State of Play presentation, the last thing most fans expected was a Switch port.

Better still, this isn't a Cloud Version of the game. According to the game's website, Hogwarts Legacy launches natively on Holiday 2022 with the other ports. Usually, native Switch ports arrive later on, so it’ll be interesting to see how this version compares to its more powerful rivals.

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Hogwarts Legacy Surprises Fans With Nintendo Switch Version

Hogwarts Legacy has seen praise and controversy since it was announced. While fans are excited to be a Hogwarts student, many are unsure due to J.K. Rowling’s recent actions against the transgender community. The developers clarified that Rowling wasn’t involved with development, though the author is getting paid due to the Harry Potter license.

Both aspiring wizards and muggles alike can pick up Hogwarts Legacy this Holiday season. The wizard school RPG is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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