Hogwarts Legacy Writer Alludes To Dark Arts And Death Being Present In The Game

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The Hogwarts Legacy is likely to be the kind of place that long-time fans are used to. There's more darkness and adult behavior at Hogwarts than you would think based on the first films and books. As Harry grows older and starts to see things through mature eyes, the magical place seems a little too real.

Hogwarts Legacy will also probably not hold back when it comes to dark arts and will most likely allow their use. Clearly, this is a tremendous and well-received announcement, but will it introduce new spells, or will it remain the same as before? In my opinion, we need new ones.

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Hogwarts Legacy writer alludes to death and dark arts in-game

Hogwarts Legacy, a role-playing game set in the Harry Potter universe, was initially scheduled for release this year. At the beginning of this year, WB Games announced that the project would be delayed, resulting in little information about it. Even though we may have to wait until next year for any official announcement, one writer on Hogwarts Legacy revealed recently that those seeking dark magic might go in a morbid direction in the game.

The writer of Hogwarts Legacy, DC Allen, suggested that players might use some of the darkest magic from the wizarding world during a recent interaction on Twitter. To be more precise, Allen was asked if killing would be a part of the game. Allen did not directly answer this question but said that the age rating that Hogwarts Legacy will receive should allow murder, as long as it isn't too gruesome.

Allen also noted that "there will be some evil happening in the wizarding world" in the game. The tweet was deleted, but we have the transcript:

Are they not allowed to kill in 16+ games? I feel like you could fully kill bad guys in Horizon Zero Dawn, it just wasn't bloody. I don't think I can answer your question directly but in the trailer you can see there is a lot of evil occurring in the wizarding world.

Many fans have long wondered whether or not Hogwarts Legacy would allow players to kill each other in the game. The Avada Kedavra--the "Killing Curse"--hasn't yet been confirmed as part of the title. According to Allen's message, this spell is something that players could obtain and use for themselves.

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The tweet was deleted, and in my mind, I always assume that means it's true. He may have revealed a little too much about the game.

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