How to Change Loadout in Halo Infinite

How to change loadout in Halo Infinite is a bit different from most other arena shooters, mainly since you don't have a loadout in the traditional sense. Halo Infinite loadouts stay the same in each match, but you can - and should - change your gear during the match by picking up weapons and equipment as they spawn around the arena.

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How to Change Loadout in Halo Infinite

You start each Quickplay match with the Sidekick pistol and Assault Rifle, which you can swap between at will. The Assault Rifle comes with infinite ammunition, though naturally, it's also not the most powerful weapon you can use, as shown by our best guns tier list.

In Ranked mode, you start each game with a Battle Rifle and that's it.

Finding Weapons in Halo Infinite

That means you'll want to swap it and the pistol out as soon as you can. Each map has fixed points where weapons spawn, and it's the same weapon each time. After someone grabs the weapon, there's a cooldown timer until it respawns for someone else to get.

Power weapons - Halo's ultra-strong weapons - also have set locations where they appear, though they show up less frequently. It's a good idea to try and grab these, but take care. Competition for them is always fierce.

The Spartan looks at a power item spawn point in Halo Infinite
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Finding Equipment in Halo Infinite

Each arena also has fixed points where equipment and grenades spawn. Equipment includes items such as the Threat Sensor, and grenades are pretty self-explanatory.

You can only carry one piece of equipment at a time, so need to drop your Repulsor if you want a Grappling Hook. However, the Spartan can carry two types of grenades and switch between those at will.

Not every weapon is worth your while, though. Our best weapons list will help guide you in the right direction there. Sometimes you need a vehicle to get the job done instead, and lucky for you, it's possible to steal one from under the enemy.

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