Halo Esports Are Using Series X Dev Kits Due to Chip Shortage

Halo Infinite had its first Halo Championship Series (HCS) tournament over the weekend. 272 squads faced each other for a prize pool of more than $250,000.

But it seems like the global chip shortage is even affecting Microsoft, with competitors using Xbox Series X developer kits to play. Tahir Hasandjekic who is the Halo Esports and Viewership Lead at Microsoft/343 Industries, confirmed the news while asserting that the "global supply chain shortage is real".

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Halo Championship Series Is Using Xbox Series X Dev Kits Due To Chip Shortages

Hasandjekic did assure teams that the dev kits play just like the original system, though it's somewhat surprising that even Microsoft's official HCS can't even supply Xbox Series X consoles to its players.

With the HCS going into full swing in 2022, the use of dev kits may become more widespread. What's worse are the rumours that the Xbox shortages may last until 2023, almost 3 years after the initial new-gen launch.

Despite the shortage, the Xbox Series X is still the fastest-selling Microsoft system ever. And Halo Infinite continues to impress fans around the world with its Battle Pass and new progression system.

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The first match was under heavy controversy after the Sentinels were accused of cheating. Eventually, one of the players was replaced by a fan-favourite athlete.

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