Why Sentinels Stand Accused of Cheating In Halo Infinite Tournaments

The way Sentinels cheated in Halo Infinite tournaments seems so strange that they were accused of cheating. Eric' Snip3down' Wrona took the time to explain what happened and why so many teams are requesting an investigation. They were forcing one of their players to have a better connection by using an application called Geofilter, which helps players cheat to get a lower ping.

This would have been more of Halo Infinite cheating speculation than anything else—Until Sentinels started deleting all of the evidence before an investigation could happen.

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Halo Infinite Sentinels Cheating

That's right. Mathew 'Royal2' Fiorante, the alleged Halo Infinite Sentinel cheater, deleted all gameplay videos which would prove their innocence or guilt. Royal2 deleted the videos immediately after OpTic Gaming and other teams called for an investigation.

Here's Snip3down describing it, but I have a tl;dr version directly below the video:

Geofilters work by making a player's ping the best it can be on a server, at the expense of everyone else. Halo Infinite team Sentinels always used a Texas server but used a San Francisco server in the games they won. It's a long way from Canada, where Royal2 is based, yet he had virtually no problems during the match.

The following is his teammate's (awful) attempt to explain why Royal2 deleted the evidence:

Sentinel's equipment had a lot of issues beforehand, which caused hours of waiting. Due to how suspicious Sentinels have been, no team will now play with them until a real investigation is conducted.

What are your thoughts? Does this warrant an investigation when so many teams agree it's suspicious? Is this the same as deleting evidence before an investigation? Or are people just mad at coincidences?

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