Halo Infinite Leak Finds a Gingerbread House on Behemoth

Halo Infinite has bright plans for 2022, with new maps and game modes coming. But, an unusual leak could hint that one of these additions may be imminent.

Coming to us from Halo Infinite Leaks & News, this image found a gingerbread house on the map of Behemoth. Even though the post is now deleted, a lucky player managed to capture the commotion here.

Halo Infinite Leak Finds a Gingerbread House on Behemoth

Many suspect that the house is supposedly hinting at the imminent arrival of the long-rumoured Forge Mode. As many Halo fans know, the beloved feature lets players customise maps and share them with others.

Four Spartans are preparing to attack.
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Of course, a gingerbread house is clearly not on Behemoth's regular map, so the home could be one item from the extensive inventory of customisation options.

However, don't expect Forge mode just yet as 343 Industries confirmed that news on both, the playlist and co-op split-screen has been pushed back. Along with Forge, another classic game mode could also be making its way very soon.

Halo Infinite's most recent patch has finally addressed connection issues and desync lagging. While another has resolved matchmaking issues for Big Team Battles and heavy vehicle spawning.

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