Halo Infinite Update Finally Addresses Lagging Issues

Two characters in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite players have faced a multitude of lagging problems since launch. With its latest developer update, a fix has finally arrived. Confirmed through 343 Industries’ latest blog post, the latest patch resolves desync problems that's plagued gameplay.

Connectivity strengths have varied since Halo Infinite’s launch. With desyncing, players are subject to melee attacks unnaturally while bullets fired don't hit targets. With a game that relies on steady connections for smooth gameplay, it’s understandable for users to voice their concerns.

Halo Infinite Update Finally Addresses Lagging Issues

This latest update marks the first of many to address this issue. Richard Watson, 343 Industries’ Head Sandbox Engineer, clarifies why this issue occurs.

In Halo, we choose to favor the shooter. Practically, this means that whatever happened on the shooter’s screen the server endeavors to honor. That means whenever a player sees themselves hitting a target, our system does its best to give them the hit on the server.
Four Spartan soldiers are preparing to fight.
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The focus is always on the shooter so even if you are behind cover, you’re still subject to being fired if your ping drops. As for melee attacks, bandwidth constraints and the lack of a special code path can result in you phasing through your opponents.

The other issue lies with how deterministic the relationship between client and server is:

The first cause is rooted in the fact that the simulation needs to be deterministic. This means that when the client performs an action, the result of that action is the same when the server performs it. If the server does something different than the client, the two machines will diverge.
A battle is going on between several Spartan soldiers.
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The main takeaway is that this first update is just the start. More patches are coming in the future, in order to reduce desync and lagging problems over time.

Elsewhere, Halo Infinite recently received another patch, which resolved matchmaking issues for Big Team Battles and heavy vehicle spawning.

Classic game mode, King of the Hill, could also arrive in the forthcoming weeks. However, 343 Industries has revealed delays for co-op gameplay and forge mode announcements, with more news due to being revealed soon.

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