Halo Infinite Patch Fixes Spawning Problems for Heavy Vehicles

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Halo Infinite has a flurry of vehicles but, some fans have voiced their concerns about the unbalanced appearances of heavy transport.

343 Industries has addressed these concerns in the latest patch. Instead of limiting the appearance of big automobiles, these machines are now spawning more frequently.

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Halo Infinite Patch Fixes Spawning Problems for Heavy Vehicles

With the chaotic nature of Big Team Battles, automobiles like Ghosts and Banshees would sometimes pop up more on one side of the map. This would give a better advantage to a certain team compared to the opposing one, as the heavy devices are easier to access.

One Halo spartan is jumping towards an airship.
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This balance has now been adjusted by altering the number of vehicles that show up. The following patch note implies that bigger vehicles are distributed in greater numbers within Big Team Battle mode.

Scorpion Tanks and Wraiths will appear more frequently on BTB maps.

The only disadvantage of this would be how explosive games are. The presence of more heavy machinery would amplify the destructive nature of matches, possibly making it more difficult to manoeuvre by foot. We'll wait and see whether Halo fans see this new adjustment as an advantage.

The new patch also resolves matchmaking issues for Big Team Battles. However, 343 Industries has revealed delays for co-op gameplay and forge mode announcements, with more news due to come in the next few weeks.

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