Halo Infinite Leak Suggests a Classic Game Mode Is Returning

A red Spartan in Halo Infinite.

A red Spartan in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite has a flurry of game modes but, according to new reports, another one might be coming. If so, it's great news for old-school fans.

As spotted by @halodotapi, new files have been added to Halo Infinite. Dataminers have unearthed signs pointing towards the rejuvenation of a traditional feature.

Halo Infinite Leak Suggests a Classic Game Mode Is Returning

In the latest update, 343 Industries has added files for King of the Hill.

The playlist is momentarily in offline mode, meaning it's unavailable to access through online multiplayer. With this addition, it's speculated that the mode will be applied in a later patch.

The mode’s icons and in-game medals have also surfaced, hinting that the playlist may arrive sooner than we think:

Halo fans will be familiar with King of the Hill, as it was first introduced in Bungie's first game. The objective revolves around holding a designated area for as long as possible, while also shifting from one section to another when the section moves.

No release date has been given, but we'll update date this page when we hear more.

Along with these files, the new patch also resolves matchmaking issues for Big Team Battles and heavy vehicle spawning.

However, 343 Industries has revealed delays for co-op gameplay and forge mode announcements, with more news due to come in the next few weeks.

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