Halo Infinite Customization Options Leaked

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Halo Infinite continues to be a big topic amongst gamers, especially now that the second Flight Test has concluded, with many sharing their thoughts about the fun gameplay and awkward aim issues, so it’s only fitting that new Halo Infinite Customization Options have been leaked.

While Halo Infinite will still have a single-player campaign, one that will supposedly please the Halo purists out there, multiplayer is clearly the focus of this latest installment and fans can’t wait to deck out their version of Master Chief with all kinds of odd designs.

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Halo Infinite Customization Options Leaked

Thankfully, the leaked Halo Infinite Customization Options promises just that, as a post on Twitter that has since gone to Reddit has confirmed a number of fun cosmetic options that players can take part in.


The more cynical amongst you might roll your eyes at having cosmetic options in a first-person shooter but what matters is other people will be able to see how silly your character looks and these leaked Halo Infinite Customization Options has a lot of potential to be really neat.


343 Industries haven’t gone too in-depth with the Halo Infinite Customization Options yet, though many gamers know it will likely get its own article or video any day now, given its December release.

As long as the developers constantly update the game and add even more Halo Infinite Customization Options, players will continue to shoot each other Halo-style for a long time.

Halo Infinite is coming to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on December 8.

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