Halo Infinite's Launch Trailer Offers A Final Look At The Campaign

With Halo Infinite's multiplayer underway, fans are eager to witness what Master Chief's next adventure holds.

Prior to the campaign's launch next week, a final trailer has been released. Showcasing new razor-smooth gameplay and more details about the plot, this looks to be the Xbox mascot's deadliest mission yet.

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Halo Infinite's Launch Trailer Offers A Final Look At The Campaign

The preview offers a multitude of gun warfare, vehicular damage, and teases the shooter's exploration aspects.

Master Chief holds his helmet by his side.
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Credit: Xbox Games Studios

Just like the campaign unveiling a few weeks ago, the visuals are vastly better than last year's previews prior to its delay. The colours and visuals really pop off, as evident in the combat and all the way down to the character model of Chief.

As for the plot, there is a brief set-up of the conflict; nothing that offers any heavy spoilers. But, if you wanna go in fresh it's best to wait till its launch. And with copies already shipping out, make sure you stay away from any leaks.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is a huge hit with fans, offering a plethora of loot and sweet gear in its battle pass. While the progression system has been under fire, 343 Industries has added some XP improvements, allowing you to gain more by simply playing the game.

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