Halo Infinite's New Update Improves Progression System With More XP Gains

While Halo Infinite has impressed fans so far, many have raised concerns about its progression system. 343 Industries are working to improve how players rank through its battle pass and a new update has been issued, applying a few tweaks to the platform.

Announced by John Junyszek, 343 Industries' Community Manager, players now get higher rewards from completing matches.

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Halo Infinite's New Update Improves Progression System With More XP Gains

Previously, XP was only gained through completing daily and weekly objectives. Now, you can rank up more simply by playing the game.

XP is now rewarded based on how many games you play in one day:

  • By completing your first game, you will gain 300XP.
  • The second and third grant you 200XP each.
  • Fourth, fifth, and sixth will reward you 100XP each.
  • Seventh game and beyond, you'll get 50XP per game.
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Credit: 343 Industries

This is a big jump, considering that players only gained 50XP by completing their first match through a daily challenge. This will hopefully help fans, adding more value to their grind.

Junyszek has announced these changes, in addition to giving more XP for weekly objectives, along with extending Double XP periods. Junyszek also confirmed that more issues are being addressed, with further updates yet to come.

While these XP boosts are a plus, there are other ways to max out that battle pass. Why not check out our guide on how to rank up fast in Halo Infinite?

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