Warzone 2 aim assist nerf - Has it changed?

Screenshot of Warzone 2 player aiming with submachine gun
Credit: Activision

Screenshot of Warzone 2 player aiming with submachine gun
Credit: Activision

Plenty of players are talking about a Warzone 2 aim assist nerf. Call of Duty's battle royale includes aim assist which enables Warzone 2 players using controllers to track targets in a similar fashion to those using a mouse and keyboard.

With Season 3 Reloaded on the horizon, you may be wondering if aim assist feels slightly different as you drop into Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Now Plunder is back in the rotation, you'll want to know if you need to adjust your controller settings if aim assist has taken a hit.

But, before we take a closer look at whether a Warzone 2 aim assist nerf has taken place, don't forget to check out our guides showcasing the best AR and the latest intel on the next double XP event.

Has Warzone 2 aim assist been nerfed?

Judging by the patch notes published by Infinity Ward on April 25, Warzone 2 aim assist has not received a nerf. However, there's a logical reason why your aim assist feels a little strange when shooting at the target.

The team behind Warzone 2 are still investigating server issues that started when Season 3 launched in mid-April. Constant stutters continue to impact the servers and if you encounter one during a gunfight, there's a high chance your bullets won't hit where you want them to. Activision is working on addressing the problem but it's nothing to do with aim assist.

Screenshot showing Warzone 2 players aiming with guns
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Credit: Activision

Does Warzone 2 need an aim assist nerf?

The topic of aim assist influencing the success of Warzone 2 players often causes plenty of debate among players. While some players want it reduced in order to create a level playing field but there are many controller users that believe it should stay the same due to more precise aiming with a mouse and keyboard.

Rather than performing an aim assist nerf, the simple solution is to implement input-based matchmaking where controller players are matched against each other while mouse and keyboard users are filtered into their own lobbies.

That's all there is to know about a Warzone 2 aim assist nerf. For more, check out our guides showcasing the current meta and the best sniper rifle for long-range combat.

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