Sons of the Forest mods (March 2023) - Best picks and what we want to see

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The character cuts down a tree somewhere in the forest in Sons of the Forest.
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Just like most survival games, Sons of the Forest mods are bound to appear in droves long before the game leaves early access toward 2024. Rather than wait and see what happens, we're going to dream up what we'd like to see creative codes get up with the popular survival horror game.

Though the game’s Early Access has just been released, some light SotF mods have already started to emerge. In this guide, we'll pay attention to these modifications, speculate as to how they could evolve, and imagine the various changes they could bring to the game.


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The best Sons of the Forest mods (March 2023)

Since the game is in Early Access, there are not so many mods that you can install right now, but some of the modifications are worth your attention. Here are the most interesting among them:

Optimized Setting for Low-End PC


This is a great modification that will help you to run the game on a PC that doesn’t match system requirements.

Every item added in the backpack save file

This aptly-named mod allows you to use a near-complete save file so you can start a game with a backpack filled with different items.

Faster Inventory Panning


Annoyed by all the time your character wastes on opening the inventory? This mod helps allows you to customize the inventory panning speed.

Environment Restoration

This handy Sons of the Forest mod helps you get lots of natural resources. Basically, it adds a new mechanic that allows new trees and other plants to grow. The forest will replenish itself if you install this mod.

Color and Clarity Reshade


Finally, we have a nice reshade mod that makes your game graphics look even better. It's more of an overlay that shouldn't impact performance too heavily, It just makes your game more colourful.

Sons of the Forest mods we want to see

One of the mods we’ve mentioned in this article adds a new mechanic that allows trees and plants to grow after you’ve cut them, so it's possible the modders responsible could go on to make more realistic mechanics and features to the game.


Above all else, just a deeper, more realistic-feeling Sons of the Forest experience is what we're looking for.

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