Sons of the Forest infinite log glitch - How to duplicate logs

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Two characters are building a house in Sons of the Forest.
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Learning the Sons of the Forest infinite log glitch to duplicate materials can really speed up some of the sluggish parts of the survival game. While the bug lasts, at least. Sons of the Forest is a game all about building a shelter to survive in while you investigate the mysterious circumstances regarding missing persons and your downed chopper, and having infinite materials on hand really helps.

One of the most widespread resources for building in Sons of the Forest is the humble log. Obtained by chopping trees, logs are great for building structures and stakes. Tired of the monotonous farming of logs? Need more logs in a hurry? Clone them.


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Single-player Sons of the Forest infinite log glitch steps - How to duplicate logs

There are two different glitches that you can use to dupe some logs. We'll detail them below and explain how they work, but just note that they're unlikely to last forever. Bugs get squashed.

The first glitch we are going to tell you about works in the single-player mode only. You can’t do it in multiplayer. Just follow the next steps if you want to abuse this bug before it's patched out:

  • Grab a log and a stick.
  • Place the log horizontally.
  • Place the stick vertically under this log. This way, it will lift one of the log’s edges.
  • Walk into this log from the side where you’ve placed the stick.
  • Your character will kick this stick out of its place and the log will duplicate.
The character cuts down a tree somewhere in the forest in Sons of the Forest.

Multiplayer Sons of the Forest infinite log glitch steps - How to duplicate logs

Need to quickly craft a house for your multiplayer buddies? The Sons of the Forest log duplication glitch works differently in that case. If you want to use it, follow these steps:

  • While you're not the host, place a log vertically.
  • Place another log vertically right next to the previous log.
  • If you're not the host, then your log won’t be placed and will instead drop on the ground.
  • You won’t lose the log in your hand if you do everything correctly.

These two glitches will be of incredible help if you want to construct something new at record speed. Who has the time to chop trees? You can save the forest while trying to escape it this way.

At the same time, you shouldn’t count on these glitches for too much longer. They'll likely be fixed in future updates. So, it would be wise to study the game and learn the best legal ways to get some logs before then. Also, we have a guide on how to find the flashlight in Sons of the Forest, make sure to check it out.