Sons of the Forest beginners guide

A spear in Sons of the Forest

A spear in Sons of the Forest

A Sons of the Forest beginners guide is needed if you plan on having a good start to the game. Combining esoteric storytelling with hard survival mechanics, you will struggle at the start of the game. This guide should help you out.

Going through how to start the game, crafting, companions, and enemies, this should give you a solid foundation to build off. The first few hours can be a little confusing but things will start to click quickly.

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Sons of the Forest beginners guide

Generally, when you start the game, you should be as explorative as you can. You can afford to die a little at the start as you don't have much gear to worry about and bases to protect.

Get into the forest and start learning how everything works. This being said, there are some things you should pay attention to.

Crafting basics

Crafting is split up into two main sections: building and gear. To craft your gear, you need to open up your inventory with "I" and move parts to the middle of the mat your player takes out. From here, you can combine them to build weapons, armor, and more. Things do get more complex as you get through the game but this basic knowledge should start you off. When you place something on the mat, a small cog appears in the corner, showing recipes you can make with them.

If you want to build your own base, you will need to grab the building blocks from your inventory and place them down. You can see building recipes by clicking "B". From here, grab the right part from your inventory and place it on the ground. Put everything else on there to start making your own base. You should make multiple bases throughout the Island to move back and forth easily.

How to use companions

When you land at the very start of the game, you will find Kelvin, your first companion. There are a handful throughout the game but they all act the same way. You can get your companion to build structures, finish off templates you've made, hunt for wood, gather resources, or follow you. They can die and there is no way of bringing them back so they are often better off being used for manual labour.

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With your first companion, you should set up a perimeter, make the building blocks for a base, and get them to finish it all off. Your goal here is to keep them safe so they will help you out in the long run.

Fighting enemies

You will find plenty of enemies throughout the game so you should know how to fight. Long-range weapons like the spear are a fantastic choice early on but you shouldn't aim to fight too much. If you are antagonistic to the cannibals early on, they can retaliate. As well as this, you can get wiped out pretty quickly by a mutant so you shouldn't make a habit of running into danger.

Your opening hours should be spent learning the game and building your defenses. Cannibals often have loot that can help you out but you can afford to take your time.

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