Slime Rancher 2 Starlight Strand - Map, nodes, slimes, and resource spots

Slime Rancher 2

So you've unlocked a teleporter to a strange new island called Starlight Strand. Well, here's where you can find the Slime Rancher 2 Starlight Strand map nodes, and what slime varieties await you. You're free to roam around endlessly, but if you're strapped for time, check out the map below to speed up your expedition.

The new areas in Slime Rancher 2 are very interesting indeed, with two clashing biomes that seamlessly fit together. The Starlight Strand has blue, rocky areas, and pink, grassy woodland. There is also a sandy area to the North, where aquatic Slimes and materials are found. There's a lot to see.

To get you started in Slime Rancher 2, here are our beginner tips, and a field guide to all the slimes currently in the game. Here's where to find Primordy Oil, Radiant Ore, and Moondew Nectar for upgrades and Slime feeding times!

Slime Rancher 2 Starlight Strand map nodes

We've found all three map nodes to uncloud the map in Slime Rancher 2. We've put them onto the Starlight Strand map below, so follow along to uncover it on your game.

Starlight Strand map nodes
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  1. Found on a ridge north of the teleport spot, possible to reach on foot or with jetpack.
  2. Head into the pink grassy area, where Honey slimes are - South and a little East from the original teleport spot. The map node is near a stream.
  3. Found on a ledge, at the very end of the pink grassy area. Jetpack is needed to reach this one.

Which Slimes can be found on the Starlight Strand?

The usual, common Slimes can be found here including Pink, Cotton, Phosphor and Tabby. This area is filled with new Slimes to catch, though. Some are specific, and some can be found in Ember Valley, too.

  • Flutter
    • The Starlight Strand's lower right side is home to the Flutter Slimes; new Slimes with butterfly wings that feed on Nectar.
  • Honey
    • Honey Slimes are plentiful in the pink garden areas of the Starlight Strand, on the way to where Flutter Slimes live.
  • Hunter
    • These Slimes can turn invisible, though you'll still see their yellow eyes. They're most reliably found on the sandy area at the South West of the Starlight Strand, and on the West coast.
  • Ringtail
    • The stone statues of Ringtail Slimes appear randomly throughout the day, usually one or two on the island.
  • Rock
    • Rock Slimes can be found bouncing around in the sandy areas of the island and inside any caves.
  • Angler
    • Angler Slimes are a plentiful spawn on the sandy part of the island, above the pink grassy area.
  • Puddle
    • Puddle Slimes inhabit some ponds in the Starlight Strand.

Gordo Slimes on the Starlight Strand

The Slime Rancher 2 Starlight Strand map has five different Gordos to defeat.

These are giant Slimes which require feeding until they pop - they will then reveal a new path or shortcut to get you around the place a little easier. These are the Gordos in this area:

  1. Honey - Feed it 50 pieces of fruit, or 25 Mint Mangoes
  2. Hunter - Feed it 50 chickens, or 25 Roostro
  3. Angler - Feed it 50 chickens, or 25 Sea Hens
  4. Ringtail - Feed it 50 pieces of food
  5. Flutter - Feed it 25 Moondew Nectars
Slime Rancher 2 gordos Starlight Strand
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What resources and materials are on Starlight Strand?

Starlight Strand is a bountiful area filled with the usual common crops like Carrots and Pogofruit, but also houses some specific items you'll only find in the area.

Moondew Nectar will only be found in the South Eastern area of Starlight Strand, where the Flutter Slimes reside. These flowers are few and far between, and grow on cliff faces and on the top of trees. In the same area, you'll find bee hives hanging from roots, trees, and cliffs - these contain Buzz Wax and Wild Honey that you'll need for certain recipes.

You'll also come across the rare Silky Sand geyser spouting from the sandy areas on the Starlight Strand.

These will give two-three items each time you harvest them. Radiant Ore also appears at random in most locations. Something rare can be found in this area: Strange Diamonds. These spawn in caves occasionally, and will give one diamond per node.

In terms of edible items, you'll find the Mint Mango fruit on Starlight Strand, which is perfect for the fruit-eating Honey Slimes that populate the area. There's also a new kind of chicken here - Sea Hens. They resemble seagulls, and are favoured by the Angler Slime.

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