Slime Rancher 2 tips - Six tricks to grow your ranch fast

Slime Rancher 2 - beginner tips

After its announcement last year, Slime Rancher 2 is now here, and we've come up with some Slime Rancher 2 tips so you don't get overwhelmed with your new smiley, squishy, and likely very smelly friends. It's the kind of game you'll keep playing long past your bedtime, so you might as well know how to play it efficiently.

The second in the squidgy series Slime Rancher has squashed its way onto PC and Xbox in early access and is available now. There are new places to explore, and more Slimes added to your roster for Ranching. Feed them new items like the Sea Hen or Water Lettuce, and set up your space for success.

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Slime Rancher 2 - beginner tips
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Slime Rancher 2 tips and tricks

1. Two's company, three's a crowd

In Slime Rancher 2 you can combine two Slimes to make Largos - this saves space, as you don't need separate corrals for them all.

You do this by putting two types of Slime into one Corral and feeding them. The Slimes will eat the Plorts of the other kind, and become a Largo, a mix of the two. This also means that you can collect two kinds of Plorts from one set of Slimes.

However, be aware that you cannot mix three types of Slime, or they will turn into the sticky Tarr monster. Avoid this at all costs. We'll cover Tarrs soon, but you don't want them.

Hen hens in Slime Rancher 2
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2. Breed those chickens

Chickens are the meat source in the Slime Rancher franchise. You can get Hen Hens, Stony Hens, and a new Sea Hen for the aquatically-inclined Slimes out there.

We recommend getting a hen coop up and running as soon as possible, as they're harder to come by. Suck up some Chickadoos and pop them in the pen, and they'll grow up ready to feed to your Slimes.

Make sure you have a Roostro with the adult hens, and they'll reproduce automatically. If the coop gets too full, they'll stop having more chicks, but you'll be going through them faster than this can happen with all your hungry Slimes.

3. Keep an eye on diets

Each type of Slime has different dietary requirements. They also have a specific preference for favourite food, but as long as you get the category right they'll be happy.

Slimes feed on either Meat, Fruits, or Veggies - with the exception of Fire and Puddle Slimes that will survive in their own little enclosures. Make sure to feed your Slimes with the correct type of food, or they won't eat and will get irritated.

By making Largo Slimes you can expand their palate, so they'll eat more kinds of food. This is easier if you find yourself with two plots of carrots and no chickens, for instance.

Slime Rancher 2 Silo
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4. Build up your amenities

The plots in your ranch conservatory aren't just for keeping Slimes. You'll find yourself with some logistical issues if you do that. Some plots should be given over to gardens, silos, and chicken coops.

Silos allow you to store materials including fruits, veg, chickens and refinery items, and the gardens can get you plenty of food each day.

5. Get ready to fight the Tarr

Sometimes, while there are loads of wild Slimes bouncing around, they can, unfortunately, come together to create a monster.

The Tarr is a Largo Slime that consumes another type of Plort - it turns black and gelatinous, and grabs other Slimes to turn them into Tarr. If you get near it, it will hurt.

There is an upgrade to your vacpack that can deal with this, but it can be hard to gather the right materials. More on that soon.

Slime Rancher had the Water Tank upgrade available for 350 Newbucks, but in Slime Rancher 2, you'll need to make it in the fabricator under your conservatory.

You'll need Newbucks, 10 Puddle Plorts, 10 Angler Plorts, and 10 Deep Brine items. Prioritise getting this upgrade so you can fight the Tarr, and blast them away with water.

Slime Rancher 2 - beginner tips
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6. Keep them corralled

So. You're on the ranch, and now you want some Slimes. You've figured out how to suck them up, but now what? You need corrals. A few of them, probably.

These corrals are where you deposit Slimes so they can live out their lives on your ranch. Feed them, collect their Plorts, and admire their smiley faces.

We recommend upgrading each of them as soon as you can. High walls stop Slimes from bouncing out and mean you can keep more in at one time, and the air net will prevent Slimes from just floating away out of the top. Some Slimes, like the Phosphor, require a Solar Shield to keep them safe during the day, too.

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