The best Android open world games

Screenshot from the open world Android game Runscape

Screenshot from the open world Android game Runscape

Looking for a lavish new sandbox to explore? Then our list of the best Android open world games will come in handy. Whether you like wreaking havoc and attracting the attention of police, or collecting resources to craft buildings and equipment, our list covers all open-world bases.

We’re going to be diving deep into the best open worlds on Android, from famous franchises to hidden gems, so you can find a new obsession. With well over ten games to choose from, we're confident that there's something for all open world gamers to enjoy

Here are the best Android open world games

Screenshot from Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact

Our first entry on the list shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone - simply put, Genshin Impact is one of the most popular mobile games on the market. Mihoyo’s titan RPG may have made its way to consoles, but mobile devices are also perfectly capable of running Genshin. You’ll play as one of two twins, leading an expedition of four adventurers across Teyvat to find your sibling.

The good news with Teyvat is that it’s only getting larger, too. New updates come to Genshin Impact every six weeks, with fresh characters to meet and locations to visit. The world is absolutely brimming with things to do, exploring flowery valleys and dilapidated castles. As a console-quality RPG, the open world of Teyvat will keep you busy for hundreds of hours - and by that point, Mihoyo will be ready to release even more content.

Screenshot from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The next entry needs no introduction, and even before its Android launch in 2013, you definitely would have heard of this classic release. San Andreas is one of the most beloved games in Rockstar’s industry-changing series, and its Android port brings the adventures of CJ to mobile. All the classic moments you’ll remember from the initial 2004 release are here: Samuel L. Jackson’s scene-chewing vocal performance, the grindy gym minigames, and the punishingly difficult level where "all we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!"

All of San Andreas and Blaine County make a return, too. You can explore iconic locations like Grove Street, or head out to swampy bayous crawling with crocodiles, or desert towns where the folk are far from friendly. It’s gone down as one of the best open-world games for good reason, and San Andreas’ Android port is no different, even with the myriad visual changes that arguably move too far away from the game's original aesthetic.

Screenshot from Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime
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Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

San Andreas is a very hard act to follow, and it’s tough not to see Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime as a GTA clone for mobile. However, it far surpasses this superficial label, with constant support and live service features that help keep the game fresh. While it may be light on plot—you play as a rising criminal in the Las Vegas underworld, and that’s it—Gangstar Vegas is brimming with things to do.

If you prefer to keep it legal, you can test your skills with a range of cars, motorbikes, and even marine vehicles. Of course, gunplay and criminal missions are Gangstar’s bread and butter, with robberies, shootouts, and police chases. The open world is just as varied too, with the neon-inflected Vegas environment providing a deep playground for you to fulfil your hidden criminal fantasies. By the time you’ve completed all the missions you wanted to, Gameloft will be ready with a new update.

Screenshot from Cyberika
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Cyberika is very different from other games on the list, mixing classic open-world mechanics with cyberpunk aesthetics. The game takes place in Bradbury Complex, a murky sci-fi world inspired by the likes of Blade Runner and The Terminator. This 2.5D game has elements of MMO gameplay, with a hub miniworld to interact with new players in, as well as missions to take on solo.

Excitingly, Cyberika lets you customise your character with intrinsic detail. From the visual design to the technical augmentation in their body, the choice is all yours - and you can also design their hideout, too. It’s as close to Cyberpunk 2077 as you’ll get on mobile, with a futuristic world and plenty of action-packed quests to try out.

Screenshot from On My Own
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On My Own

Next up, On My Own is a hugely unique experience. Gone are lush 3D graphics and sprawling mechanics, and in come beloved pixellated sprites and a focused, clear concept. It’s as laidback as a survival game gets, as you take over the role of an adventurer on a solo expedition across various snowy, grassy biomes.

On My Own is reminiscent of Minecraft, in the sense that it’s a blank slate that can totally cater to your desires. Fancy building up a fishing business, selling your produce to fund tweaks to your house? Go ahead. Would you rather chop down trees to build a cosy log cabin? All yours. That’s the beauty of On My Own: the open world is totally catered to you.

Screenshot from West Gunfighter
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West Gunfighter

If Gangstar is like GTA, then West Gunfighter is like Red Dead Redemption for mobile. You take the reins of a lone gunslinger in the peak era of the Wild West, with all the bells and whistles to go along with it. Once you’ve got your own trusty steed at your side, you can ride around this sandy (and seedy) open world to explore everything it has to offer.

And what it offers is a surprisingly deep interactive cowboy experience. You can partake in classic Western standoffs with rivals, ride your horse deep across the terrain, or head to taverns for a range of minigames. You can throw darts, sink drinks, or even play blackjack - and there aren’t many other open worlds on Android that capture this time period with quite so much detail.

Screenshot from Albion Online
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Albion Online

Our next entry goes even further back in time, delving into the medieval era for an open-world adventure. This MMO has cross-platform compatibility across PC and mobile, meaning the game's player-driven economy is constantly populated and growing. You’ll trot around on your horse through this fantasy world inflected with sci-fi weaponry, participating in dungeon raids and group battles as you go.

Of course, if you’re a little tired of combat, Albion Online’s open world still has plenty to offer. There are social areas, an in-depth crafting system, and the ability to build your own homes and stables for you and your four-legged companions. Combat is important, but Albion Online’s charm comes from what happens when you put the sword down.

Screenshot from Off the Road
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Off the Road

Not all open-world games have to take place on foot - in fact, some of the best come when you’re restricted to just four wheels and the open road. Off the Road is one such case: an open-world game where you drive across a beautiful, sprawling sandbox. There’s an astounding variety of terrain on offer, from hilly mountains to muddy swamps - which you’ll need an astoundingly powerful vehicle to wade through.

On top of the varied sandbox is a truly ceaseless range of vehicles to get behind the wheel of. There are chunky 18-wheelers to try and tame, nippy sports cars, as well as helicopters, planes, and even trains. Aside from just driving around the world, you can also participate in races, time trials, as well as delivery missions where you take on the bulkier vehicles to drive cargo around the map. It’s unlike any other open-world game on this list, and it is the perfect choice for petrolheads.

Screenshot from Dawn of Isles
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Dawn of Isles

Developed by NetEase Games, Dawn of Isles places you slap-bang on an untouched island in the middle of the ocean, devoid of community or infrastructure. As its sole inhabitant, it’s your job to civilise these lands, hunting for food and sowing seeds to keep the growing population satisfied. Of course, the creatures that live on this island won’t just roll over and let you take over - a range of beasts will put up a fight, and it’s your job to put them down.

The beauty of Dawn of Isles is that you can play the game entirely at your own pace, exactly how you want it. Whether you’d rather stick to exploring the landscape and focusing on peaceful crafting and farming, or you want to slice, dice, and slash all your enemies, the game is tailored to any play style or approach.

Screenshot from Old School Runescape
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Old School Runescape

When in doubt, go back to the classics. Playing Old School Runescape nowadays is like bumping into an old, beloved friend, with all the charm and nostalgia that made it a staple of our lives in the past decades. It’s one of the definitive MMOs for a reason, and all the bells and whistles make a return in this mobile re-release.

You know the deal with Runescape by now: partake in hundreds upon hundreds of quests, upgrade your armour and equipment, and hack and slash other players in tense PvP battles. The only downside to this Old School version is that the free-to-play elements can be quite restricting, especially in terms of the open world. Subscribers get access to a map three times larger than the base world - so sadly, if you want to experience all of the sandbox world, you’ll have to spend some money.

Screenshot from Goat Simulator, with several farm animals masked and roaming an open world
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Goat Simulator

Now, this is a game unlike the rest. While Goat Simulator is available on almost every gaming platform you can think of, its Android port lets you store the off-the-wall madness in your pocket. You play as a range of goats and other cattle, blasting your way through a ragdoll-based open world. You'll swing from rollercoasters, climb to the top of skyscrapers, and headbutt unassuming bystanders.

It's a game that's consistently updated too, with expansions themed around everything from Star Wars to World of Warcraft. Each expansion pack contains a mobile-exclusive map, too, so you'll get a slice of goat-based fun that console players cannot access. If physics-based riots are your thing, then Goat Simulator will absolutely hit that spot.

Screenshot from Botworld Adventure, showing various animal sprites ready for battle in an icy biome.
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Botworld Adventure

Next is an adorable 2.5D collect-a-thon, where you scour the open world in search of new robots to add to your collection. You play as a cute animal warrior, who gathers together parts to build new AI robot companions, while fending off attacks from those trying to foil your plans.

While it isn't a PvP experience, Botworld Adventure's combat has plenty going for it. Each robot has unique powers and special abilities - and you'll want to line up a roster that covers all bases, to make you a formidable battling unit. It all takes place in an expansive open world, with countless biomes and crevices to explore.

Screenshot from Godus, showing two villagers building a wooden structure
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If you've ever dreamt of crafting your own civilisation from scratch, then Godus is the game for you. Every inch of this burgeoning world is built in your design, as you swipe to raise terrain, and tap to add new villagers and communities. You'll guide your new world through centuries of progress too, from the stone age to advanced technological worlds that far surpass ours.

In many ways, Godus is an open world game in the fullest sense, as every small detail is down to you. Choose whether to be a benevolent god, gifting fruitful harvests and lavish rivers, or a cruel leader casting disasters upon your world. In Godus, everything is up to you - and that's the beauty of it.

Screenshot from LifeAfter, showing two survivors looking up at a zombie nest
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If you like The Last of Us, but wish there was something similar on mobile, then LifeAfter might be for you. This post-apocalyptic zombie title places you as one of few survivors of this infestation. Together with your trusty sidekick, you've got to fend for yourself in this dog-eat-dog world - and that's no easy feat.

It's a third-person action game, with extensive shooting and driving mechanics. You can speed away from hordes on a motorcycle, or face them with your arsenal of weapons: the choice is yours. It's a live-service game too, so there's constantly new features arriving in the game. Air combat is the centrepiece of season 3, and that's something you definitely don't want to miss.

Screenshot from Tiny Island Survival, showing a group of survivors crafting items on a pixellated island
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Tiny Island Survival

Next up is a pixel-based survival game that places you as the sole inhabitant of a remote island. Armed with just a few tools and your own wits, you'll have to craft a life for yourself, building a home and searching for food. As you can imagine, you aren't alone on this world - so keep an eye out for threats lurking in the forest.

As you make your way deeper into the island, you realise that it harbours a lot more secrets than initially presumed. To get to the bottom of it, you'll need to level up your equipment and hone your skills, all while exploring the gorgeous 16-bit landscape. Tiny Island Survival is a single-screen, story-driven open world that you can easily sink hours into.

Screenshot from Dragon Raja, showing the player character in a snowy open world biome
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Dragon Raja

This game is a deep and expansive RPG, where you join lobbies with countless other players to explore, battle, and craft your ideal world. In Dragon Raja, you play as a superpowered Hybrid, who has landed from the planet to stop the evil Dragon Lord from taking over the world. You'll train alongside other players, developing your skills and customising your character, as you prepare for a showdown like no other.

As an MMO, there's a vast open world to explore, spanning places like Tokyo and Siberia. In these areas you can build your own safehouse, enjoy side activities like playing music or hosting parties, and of course tweak each and every element of your character's appearance. It's as deep as mobile RPGs get, so Dragon Raja is definitely one to look out for.

There you have it - the greatest open-world games you can experience on mobile. You’ll find hundreds of hours of exciting lands to explore, and while some are more pricey than others, there’s surely something for everyone. Happy exploring!

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