Is Albion Online Crossplay Enabled on PC and Mobile? Here's What We Know

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Now that Albion Online is officially coming to mobile through the Google Play and iOS App Stores, only one major question remains: Is Albion Online crossplay enabled? The answer shouldn't really surprise you, but not every aspect is crystal-clear at the minute.

Albion Online was, from the very beginning, designed to run on both PCs and mobile devices. It was part of the initial sales pitch made to those who decided to pick up the Founders Packs that enabled the game to continue development in 2015 up until its eventual 2017 release. It's taken more than a few years to reach the promised point of running on smaller, mobile devices, but developer Sandbox Interactive has finally managed the feat, following in the footsteps of other grand cross-play RPGs like Genshin Impact.

Is Albion Online Crossplay on PC and Mobile?


So, with Albion Online set to release on mobile just next week, is there about to be a mass exodus of the PC playerbase? Absolutely not. That's because Albion Online is cross-play enabled. Whether you've been playing the game for years already or have been waiting to jump into the mobile version instead, your new or existing account will carry over seamlessly from one platform to another--and vice-versa.

Thanks to the design decisions of Sandbox Interactive, Albion Online crossplay is as easy as logging into your account on whichever device you want to play on in that moment. If you need to quickly sell an item while on the train, you can. Then, when you get home, you're free to hop into a raid on your PC or carry on farming materials from the comfort of your warm, cosy bed as you deplete the last few bars of your phone's battery.

Will Albion Online Gold and Premium Currencies Transfer to Mobile?

What isn't entirely clear just yet is which in-game currencies like Gold will be available as you hop between devices. It's a common issue with mobile games that currencies bought through one platform (like Apple) can't be used on another (like Android or PC).


This issue of non-transferable in-game premium currencies is typically caused by the cut Apple and Google take from the final transaction fee of in-app purchases made through their respective platforms. It won't stop you from playing the game on the device of your choice at any given moment, but you might want to think of which device you tend to use the most when it comes to buying any in-app goodies.