Ooblets tips - beginner hints and tricks to help you grow

Ooblets beginner tips to get you started

Ooblets beginner tips to get you started

At long last, Ooblets 1.0 is here on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox platforms, and w've compiled some crucial Ooblets tips to help you get going. Or should we say growing? That's a little Ooblets joke for you there.

Ooblets is an adorable mix of farming, creature collecting, and social sims rolled into a neat, pastel-coloured package. You'll discover and collect Oobs to form teams that you can use in dance battles and to assist you on your farm.

This game is an excellent choice for anyone who likes Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, or Slime Rancher-flavoured games. We're knee deep in Ooblets, but we're also eagerly awaiting some more upcoming games like Slime Rancher 2, Coral Island, and Harvestella.

Eight Ooblets tips to get you started

Explore the world

It goes without saying, really, but don't forget to explore everywhere and often. This includes inside buildings, including the townsfolk's houses... who knows what you can find in there?

While you discover new areas, pick up whatever you find, talk to people, and get to know which Ooblets appear.

Upgrade ASAP!

In true farming game style, Ooblets starts you off with quite a small bag for your inventory. Prioritize upgrading this as soon as you can, as you'll need all the space you can get to grab all those salvageable items! The clothing store in Badgetown, Kibbonbon, sells different options for you to maximise pocket space.

Ooblets beginner tips
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Become a decorated dangler

Ah, fishing. What a relaxing time. Or, as it's known in Ooblets, dangling. You should aim to fish every day, to take advantage of what catches are available. Fishing is super easy - you cast a line, and wait. Different bait can get you different results, but you'll get a random item from it each time.

Prioritize the dance barn

New players need to prioritize unlocking and then creating the dance barn. Literally, as soon as you get the required materials, build that barn! You need 12 Nurnies, 4 Clothlets, 20 Plankets, 300 Gummies and one Oobsidian to build it and bring it back to its former glory.

Every day you can visit the dance barn, and compete in dance battles with your team of Ooblets. Doing these will give you Wishies, seeds, and of course XP for your dance troupe.

Ooblets beginner tips
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Do your dailies

Like any good life and farming sim, there are daily tasks you can complete in Badgetown. The biggest suggestion here is to talk to your neighbours and friends. Get those relationships started and built as soon as you can.

Doing these can earn you important seeds and Wishies, and the respect of your peers for being a stand-up citizen. Sometimes you'll get side quests from talking to people, too!

Ooblets beginner tips
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Farm, farm, and farm more

For goodness sake, keep crops planted and growing at all times. Especially Clothlets! These become rare and expensive very quickly: they're a hot commodity in Badgetown, and you'll need a lot to complete your goals. Don't desert your farm. Keep it watered, and fertilized, if you can.

Keep an eye on your energy

Sadly Ooblets doesn't let its characters have infinite energy. So keep an eye on it, or risk running out and getting yourself into a state. Luckily, just like real life, naps can restore some energy, so we recommend a small nap now and again to keep you going.

Ooblets beginner tips
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Be kind to your Oobz!

It goes without saying, but treat your Ooblets well. Buy new coops and upgrades for your established ones, in order to get your Oobs some extra skills. The Ooblets you have in these coops will stay at your farm, and tend to your growing plants, too - so keep them happy!

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