Ooblets clothlets - how to get clothlets and what they are

Farming in Ooblets.

Farming in Ooblets.

Badgetown and the whimsical world of Ooblets has a ton of items to pick up and areas to explore, and something you'll come across quickly is an item called Ooblets clothlets. Here's what they are, and how to get more Ooblets clothlets while you play.

These items can be found on the overworld in gardens, behind buildings, and in loads of other places. You'll know them when you see them as they look like spools of thread on the ground. Keep some on you as you'll need them for a variety of quests and crafts in Ooblets as you work to expand your group of Oobs, grow your farm, and nurture meaningful relationships with the townsfolk.

We're obsessed with Ooblets already, and have some Ooblets tips for any newcomers. We're also eagerly awaiting upcoming games like Slime Rancher 2, Coral Island, and Harvestella, which you should definitely check out.

How to get clothlets in Ooblets

The most obvious way to get your hands on some fresh Ooblet clothlets is to grow them in your garden. If you plant Clothplant seeds, they will take three days to grow into a harvestable plant.

These seeds can be bought from Meed's Seeds for 32 Gummies, or 16 on sale - we recommend raiding their sales whenever they're on, and checking regularly so you don't miss out.

Ooblets in Ooblets
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Clothplant seeds can also be found on your farm: every weed or rock that you clear has a chance of dropping a seed when it is removed.

As for fully grown clothlets, you can find them around Badgetown occasionally. They are one of the rarer resources that spawn, and will take a day or two to come back after you pick them up.

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If you're feeling particularly flush, you can visit the Wishie Well in the middle of town and buy clothlets for 10 Wishies each. This is a hefty price, especially in the early stages of the game, but can help you out in a pinch.

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What are Clothlets for?

In Ooblets, crafting and farming is key. Projects need to be completed, and items must be made in order to make your life easier while you look after the Oobs and grow crops.

Ooblets clothlets are just one important crafting component for completing a few different projects around your farm and Badgetown at large.

The most important thing you'll need them for is a handful to fix up the dance barn, along with other buildings in town, and tasks given to you by the mayor.

On your own farm, you'll need Clothlets to create sprinklers and Oobcoops, among other things. Sometimes, wild Ooblets will ask you to trade them a Clothlet or two to initiate a dance battle, as well. Keep a stack of them with you!

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