How to get Pugneum in No Man's Sky

A desert island in No Man's Sky.

A desert island in No Man's Sky.

Let’s talk about how to get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky. Pugneum is a newly introduced substance in the Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky. This oily, unsettling liquid has a variety of uses that it can be employed for. Really, there’s a lot of use for this resource, including valuable Nanite Clusters.

Pugneum is primarily harvested by defeating a certain type of enemy. You can also trade it from some outposts. As for its usage, there is a lot to cover as it can be used to craft and refine. Moreover, you can even sell it to make a decent profit. So let’s cover all you need to know about getting Pugneum and its use in No Man’s Sky.

What is Pugneum in No Man's Sky?

Pugenum is a resource in No Man’s Sky, and is classified as a special element. It’s mostly found leaking from Sentinel circuitry. The material has unique reactions when put in contact with organic matter, and shares many behavioural similarities with Nanites.

How to farm Pugneum in No Man's Sky

Pugneum is not exactly a farmable element, as there is no guaranteed way of spawning it. However, there are some methods to collect large amounts of Pugneum. Moreover, you’re going to need a lot of Pugneum if you’re planning on crafting high-end tech.

As mentioned, Pugneum drops from Sentinels; you can seek out combat with Sentinel enemies and hopefully spawn Pugneum drops. Note that the amount dropped varies from enemy to enemy. For example, basic Sentinels drop only drop around 10-15 Pugneum per kill. Be sure to upgrade your Boltcaster before going on a Sentinel killing spree.

You can head to planets with high-security levels and fight Sentinels. Taking down Sentinel Ships is also another surefire way to obtain loads of Pugneum. Another method is refining Atlantideum into Pugneum, but that one pits you against the Corrupted Sentinels.

However, there are some safer and more peaceful methods of obtaining Pugneum as well.

Can you buy Pugneum in No Man's Sky?

Some Galactic Trade Terminals will allow you to purchase Pugneum. However, it’s not a guaranteed spawn in the shop, and you may have to travel to multiple Trade Terminals. Once you find a Galactic Trade Terminal that offers Pugneum feel free to buy as much as you like, as it’s a relatively limited resource. This method is a bit more costly, but it's safer than fighting hordes and fleets of Sentinels.

How to use Pugneum in crafting in No Man's Sky

One of the best uses for Pugneum is its usage in crafting. It can be used in various recipes, and you can check them out right here:

  • Advanced Exocraft Laser
  • Consciousness Bridge
  • Hardframe Left Arm
  • Hardframe Legs
  • Hardframe Right Arm
  • Memory Fragment
  • Minotaur Cannon
  • Mounted Cannon
  • Mounted Cannon Upgrade Sigma
  • Robotic Companion
  • Scatter Blaster
  • Weapons Terminal
  • Weapons Terminal Room
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  • Wriggling Companion

Pugneum refining in No Man's Sky

Pugneum also has usage in some refining recipes. Here are some of the materials you can obtain through Pugnneum refining:

  • Chlorine
  • Gold
  • Ionised Cobalt
  • Magnetised Ferrite
  • Mordite
  • Nanite Cluster
  • Pure Ferrite
  • Runaway Mould
  • Sodium Nitrate

One of the most important refining recipes is the Pugneum to Nanite conversion, which is used as a second currency and allows you to access high-tier tech upgrades for your ship and multi-tools.

That covers everything you need to know about how to get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky! While you’re here, also check out our guides on the Dissonant Systems and fixing the Echo Locater Bug. You can also read up on how to get Chlorine, Aronium, or Deuterium.

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