No Man's Sky - How to get Aronium

No Man's Sky: Character and starship
Credit: Hello Games

No Man's Sky: Character and starship
Credit: Hello Games

In No Man's Sky, Aronium is a highly-valued metal alloy, as it is needed to build planetside outposts and facilities. This alloy is also needed to create Iridesite and refine silver. It's a real boon to those who are more concerned with building up their base on planets, but it's used in a variety of recipes that make it a desirable resource throughout the galaxy.

In this guide, we'll discuss how to find Aronium, where to buy it, and what to do if you can't make it yourself. No matter how you play, Aronium will always be useful to you, because even if you have a lot of it but don’t use it for crafting, you can still sell this material and get some good profit in return.

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Where to find Aronium in No Man's Sky

Aronium in No Man's Sky
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Credit: Hello Games

There are many ways to get Aronium, including:

  • Find or buy a blueprint to craft this material yourself
  • Buy the Aronium itself (we will explain this method further below)
  • Can be obtained in frigate expeditions
  • Getting it from Glowing Mineral. To do this, you need to press "E" to make it crack in your inventory. As a result, you will get one of the valuable mineral items. There are eleven of them, and one of them is Aronium.

How to get an Aronium blueprint

An Aronium blueprint can be found at the Manufacturing Facility, which can be found through Planetary Charts or on random planets. It is protected by two guards, as well as an alarm, which will start working if you try to get inside.

However, if you answer the terminal's questions correctly, the alarm will be turned off, and you will be allowed to get the blueprint.

Once you have the blueprint, you can build it by following this recipe:

  • Paraffinium (50)
  • Ionised Cobalt (50)

The second way to get the blueprint is to buy it for 250 Nanite Clusters in the Synthesis laboratory, which is found at space stations.

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Where can you buy Aronium?

You can buy Aronium in the Galactic Market. Access to it is provided by Galactic Trade Terminals. Such terminals are easy to find, as they are located on space stations, in ground-based trading posts, or even just in the field.

The price for the Aronium will vary based on the current system you are in. If the economy of that system doesn't prioritize metals, then the Aronium will be cheaper compared to a system that specializes in metals. However, since the metal is so rare and useful, you will usually be paying top dollar for it wherever you go.

That's it for today. Once you're done acquiring Aronium, feel free to check out our other guides, such as how to get Paraffinium or Indium in No Man's Sky.

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