No Man's Sky - Echo Locator interference fix

No Man's Sky using the Echo Locator

No Man's Sky using the Echo Locator

The Echo Locator Interference error has many players confused. The huge Interceptor update 4.2 for No Man’s Sky dropped recently, introducing many new features, including an item you can discover, the Echo Locator. However, many players face chart locational interference issues while using it.

No Man’s Sky has pushed the limits of the space exploration genre with its incredible procedurally generated star systems. The developers highly encourage exploration via their continuous support and updates for the game. So it’s essential to get all your navigational tools in order. So, let’s look at this Echo Locator interference bug, find out why the device is not working properly, and how to fix it!

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Echo Locator and Interferance in No Man's Sky

The latest No Man’s Sky update has you exploring the Dissonant Systems with newly added Corrupted Planets. On these planets, you can take on Corrupted Sentinels to farm for Echo Locators, which are used to scan and reveal any Abadoned Encampment in your vicinity. Once you know the location, you can raid the encampment for more loot.

That said, the Echo Locator interference problem has been commonly reported among players. The device fails to function correctly with the error "Cannot use chart Locational interference". It is an indication of no Abadoned Encampment spawning nearby. However, the frequent error recurrence has been causing players to think their device is bugged.

Fixing the Echo Locator interference

Before we can figure out how to resolve the Echo Locator interference problem, let's look at the commonly reported places and conditions where players encounter this error.

  1. In star systems that are not Dissonant Systems.
  2. Corrupted Planets in the Dissonant Systems are either uninhabited or have been explored already.
  3. Playing on difficulties higher than the "Normal" difficulty.
  4. On a Corrupted Planet that is a dead world.

Initially, some of the attributes of the update were bugged, causing systems not to appear as Dissonant on difficulties other than Normal. So, if that is the case for you, it should be fixed by now. Moreover, Abandoned Encampments don’t spawn on uninhabited, already explored, or dead worlds.

Ensure you’re actively discovering fresh Dissonant Systems and exploring the newly added Corrupted Planets to ensure you can use your Echo Locator without facing the locational interference problem. Those conditions are necessary to get the encampments spawned in your vicinity.

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