How to defeat the Devourer in Minecraft Legends

The Devourer in Minecraft Legends.

The Devourer in Minecraft Legends.

The newest Minecraft strategy game has some difficult bosses you might struggle with again and again. To help, we've taken our army to the walls of the enemy to figure out how to defeat the Devourer in Minecraft Legends. It's a rare spawn, but it's strong to make up for it. Follow the right strategy, you might just beat this Piglin.

The leader of the Horde of the Spore is a huge creature that is able to attack from a decent range. However, the Devourer will become more dangerous if you try to come closer and fight it with nothing but melee units. But there's a little more you can do to speed things along.

How to defeat the Devourer in Minecraft Legends

If you defeat Piglins that belong to the Horde of the Spore multiple times, then you will face their leader, the Devourer. This is going to be a tough fight, but there's a simple trick you can use to make it much easier.

The Devourer in Minecraft Legends has an unusual fortress. Usually, Piglins build various defensive structures, but the Horde of the Spore Piglins prefers to use damage-over-time effects and high platforms their structures will attempt to push you off.

The character fights against the Devourer in Minecraft Legends.
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Here's a short list of general Minecraft Legends tips that might help you defeat the Devourer:

  • Begin curing the Nether Terrain as you approach the boss area.
  • Build stairs across the platforms to reach the boss plateau.
  • Destroy all the buildings on the plateau
  • Rely on ranged units like Skeletons or Plank Golems to deal massive damage to this Piglin while a few melee units and healers keep it away.
  • After you take a third of the Devourer’s HP, it will jump over to another plateau, so build a small base on one of these plateaus by curing the nether rack up to it.
  • The Devourer moves with every 1/3 HP it loses, so rinse and repeat the steps until it's down.

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