How to increase the Minecraft Legends Banner of Courage size and range

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Commanding a small army of blocky mobs isn't easy. From the start of Minecraft Legends, you'll struggle to wrangle your 20-large army around the comparatively tiny range of the Banner of Courage. Not too far into the game, though, you'll unlock a sneaky way to increase the banner size in Minecraft Legends. You might miss it if you're not paying attention, so we're going to talk about it in depth below.

If you've gone ahead and increased your army size in Minecraft Legends, you'll struggle to commandeer the lot with the default Banner of Courage. Like too many people crowding under a single umbrella, someone's going to slip out and get left behind - and the same is true for mobs in Minecraft Legends. But there's a way to solve it.

How to increase Banner range in Minecraft Legends

Increasing the size of the banner in Minecraft Legends is as simple as erecting the Improvement: Banner tower at the Well of Fate. You'll unlock this tower after completing the large-scale raid in which you break the endless night that Piglin's manage to force on the Overworld relatively early on.

The Improvement: Banner tower in Minecraft Legends can be used to command a bigger army.
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After that, you won't find the Improvement: Banner craft on your hotbar like most others you'll unlock up to this point. But that doesn't mean you haven't unlocked the ability to craft it.

Open up the hotbar menu with R3 (clicking the right thumbstick) or by pressing R on a keyboard. Move into the Improvements and Host Melodies tab, and look for the Improvement: Banner craft there.

Assign it to your hotbar (noting the resources required) and head to the Well of Fate. Select the craft and place it by one of the pillars surrounding the well to begin building it.


Once the craft completes, you'll unlock a larger circle for your Banner of Courage, allowing your Rally command to pull in more mobs at a time.

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