How to get the Lost Ark Witcher Mokoko skins

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Witcher skins in Lost Ark
January 18, 2023: The Witcher event launches today! Make sure to check out the Twitch Drops page for theses skins!

The upcoming Lost Ark x the Witcher event is the very first collaborative effort for the game, and it's packing some awesome rewards for players. Some of those awesome rewards include cosmetics. Possibly the most interesting of the bunch is the Lost Ark Witcher Mokoko skins.


We'll go over how you can get these limited time skins, as well as some of the other cosmetic offerings in the event, and it's not that hard to do. As I mentioned these are limited time skins so be sure to pick them up.

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How do I get the Lost Ark Witcher Mokoko skins?

If you're looking to get the Lost Ark Witcher Mokoko skins, then it's a very easy process. In order to get these skins, they're going to be available through Lost Ark Twitch Drops. Make sure to keep an eye on the Twitch Drops page to know when the campaigns are going to be live, and you too can pick up these skins.


How do I get Lost Ark Witcher cosmetics?

If you want to get into some of the other cosmetic items that the event has to offer, then those can be found in the in game shop. We don't know exactly what's going to be there, nor how much they'll cost. We do know though that there's going to be skins that look like Geralt and Ciri, as well as various weapon skins and hair styles from the show that you can get as well.

And that's all you need to know about the Lost Ark Witcher Mokoko skins and how to get them. Be sure to check back as we'll update this guide with any additional information about these cosmetics that gets announced.;

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