How to start the Witcher event in Lost Ark

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picture of geralt in lost ark

The very first Lost Ark collaboration event is coming up soon, and it's with a very well known and loved franchise, the Witcher. There's a bunch of great stuff to do and collect from the event, but if you're wondering how to start the Witcher event in Lost Ark, then we're here to help.


The event will take place on a brand new event only island, with tons of story and daily quests for players to get involved in. You'll play with some of the cast of the Witcher, and so this will be an event you'll definitely want to partake in.

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How do I start the Witcher event in Lost Ark?

In order to get the festivities going, you'll need to head to any major city. Once you're there, you'll need to talk with the Guild Investigator. You'll have to have completed the "Set Sail!" main story quest in order participate in the event, as you'll need to sail to the island.


Once you're on the island, follow any quest markers to locate key NPC's to get the event story quests and daily quests.

And that's how you start the Lost Ark x the Witcher collaboration event! This is a limited time event, so if you plan on participating in the festivities, be sure to hop on it!

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