Lost Ark Summoner build - Best skills and engravings

picture of the summoner in Lost Ark

picture of the summoner in Lost Ark

If you're playing Lost Ark, then you might be excited for the release of the Summoner advanced class. Well the wait is over, as the Summoner is making it's way to the game, and we have a Lost Ark Summoner build guide for chaos dungeons and cube content.

The Summoner was a class that was expected to be in the western version of the game at launch, but it was removed beforehand. It's now here and if you're ready to sling some powerful spells alongside your army of elementals, then read on to make sure you are set up for success.

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Lost Ark Summoner build - playstyle and skills

The Summoner is the newest advanced class for the Mage. You have a host of cast spells that you will cast, backed up by a handful of powerful elemental summons.

Generally speaking, you're going to be generally keeping your distance, while dishing out all of the damage. You're going to be casting your main skills and waiting for windows to pump big burst damage with your summons. This build we're going to look at is going to be for Chaos Dungeons and Cube.

Here are the skills you're going to want to take as well as the tripods and runes you'll want for each.

Ancient Spear Lv. 10

  • Quick Prep
  • Explosive Spear
  • Ancient Strength
  • Skill Rune: Galewind

Earth Collapse Lv. 10

  • Glacier Collapse
  • Aftershock
  • Earth Manipulator
  • Skill Rune: Wealth

Electric Storm Lv. 10

  • Swift Cast
  • Sustain Enhancement
  • Guiding Storm
  • Skill Rune: Wealth

Maririn Lv. 10

  • Atk. Power Enhancement
  • Taunt Command
  • Small Talk
  • Skill Rune: Quick Recharge

Steed Charge Lv. 10

  • Stormlike Gallop
  • Rushing Destruction
  • Ascension
  • Skill Rune: Wealth

Sticky Moss Swamp Lv. 7

  • Ready Attack
  • Corrosion Diffusion
  • Skill Rune: Focus

Water Elemental Lv. 10

  • MP Recovery
  • Geyser Elemental
  • Water Cannon
  • Skill Rune: Wealth

Winged Spirit

  • Swift Cast
  • Wide-Angel Attack
  • Small Talk
  • Skill Rune: Galewind

Phoenix Identity Skill

For these skills, there's three main skills that we recommend leveling up to level 10 first due to their usefulness. First, we recommend leveling Maririn, which is a summon that acts as your solo tank.

Then, we recommend leveling Ancient Spear, since this is going to be your main damage skill. The third skill we'd recommend leveling is going to be Earth Collapse. This is a big area of effect skill that can take out large packs of enemies in one shot, so take this third. The rest of the skills can be leveled as you see fit.

The main Identity skill that you're going to want to use is Phoenix, which is your area skill. If you're running up into more single target damage fights, then take Akir, as it's the highest damage output, and can paralyze the enemy it's fighting.

Lost Ark Summoner build - engravings

There are three main engravings that you're going to want to go for with this build. The first one is Master Summoner. This reduces the cost of your summons and increases their damage and critical strike chance.

The second one will be Preemptive Strike, which gives your first attack against Challenge or lower level monsters 160% increased damage. The last one is Contender, which gives you 2.5% Atk Power for 40 seconds after killing a foe.

And that's all you need to know about this Summoner Build in Lost Ark. This set up will primarily be used for content with a lot of mobs. It will be good in Chaos Dungeons, Cube, and open world questing. You're going to need to alter this set up if you're going into Guardian Raids or Legion Raids, where single target damage will be more important.

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