WoW Dragonflight tank tier list - best tanks ranked for mythic+ and raids

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If you're getting into World of Warcraft Dragonflight, and you're ready to take on the world as the beefiest character out there, then you might be considering wanting to play a tank. But which tank is the best one to play in the new expansion? Well, we can help you with that, as our WoW Dragonflight tank tier list will detail all the tanks in the game and which one is going to be the best.

Tanks all have their various strengths and weaknesses and some are better suited for different kinds of content. We're going to be ranking for primarily Mythic+ and Raids as this is the content where picking the right tank will matter most.


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WoW Dragonflight tank tier list for Mythic+

Tier Class
SProtection Warrior, Vengeance Demon Hunter
AGuardian Druid, Protection Paladin, Blood Death Knight, Brewmaster Monk

When it comes to Mythic+ tanks, you can't go wrong at this point. Good Mythic+ tanks should be able to have good area of effect add control, and solid cooldowns to survive large pulls. In the S tier, we have Protection Warriors and Vengeance Demon Hunters.


Warriors have a a bunch of survivability now between Leeching Strikes and Spell Block. Additionally with Demoralizing Shout and Shield Wall getting reduced cooldowns through their talents make them a strong pick.

Demon Hunters have some of the best of all worlds, as they have incredible survivability and damage. They are quite a bit more tricky to play, but they are an unstoppable machine if you take the time to learn them.

In the A tier, we have the Guardian Druid, Blood Death Knight, Protection Paladin and Brewmaster Monk. If you want a very well rounded tank, then the Guardian Druid is for you. It'll has great damage and survivability, while being a very easy to play tank. This makes them strong at all levels. They only really struggle in long, high magic damage segments of fights.

Blood Death Knights are the tankiest of the bunch if you can play them right. They have a lot of strong cooldowns such as Anti-Magic Zone, and have great add control with things like Death Grip.


Protection Paladins are another all arounder tank. Their strongest aspect is their utility, but can also offer good damage and have good defensive cooldowns. These will be very viable at lower to mid tier keys, but at the super high end, Paladins may struggle.

Finally, we have the Brewmaster Monk. They may be the hardest tank to play of the bunch, requiring a dungeon knowledge to really maximize their kit and defenses. They are a bit more tanky this expansion, and can dish out a bunch of damage, but this is a tank for the advanced player.

WoW Dragonflight tank tier list for Raid

Tier Class
SProtection Warrior
ABlood Death Knight, Vengeance Demon Hunter, Protection Paladin
BBrewmaster Monk, Guardian Druid

From the raid perspective, the ratings have a bit more of a spread. While all tanks should be viable in various combinations, there are some tanks that rise a bit above others in survivability and damage.

In the S tier, we have the Prot Warrior. They have some of the best defensive options for 95% of the content that a raid will throw at you. Where they're going to struggle is with big magic hits.

In the A tier, Blood DK's sit at the top. They're incredibly defensive, and can take the big Magical hits that the Prot Warriors can't. But that being said, they have the lowest damage output, which brings them down from S tier.


Next is the Vengeance Demon Hunter. They have solid self healing and survivability. They also have great damage to boot. They are definitely well above average, but just a bit below DK's and Warriors.

Protection Paladin's round out the A tier. They have some of the highest single target damage of the tanks, and they also bring some great utility and immunities. These utility options can allow you to possibly bypass some mechanics in later fights.

In the B tier, we have Brewmaster Monk and Guardian Druid. Both of these tanks are the weakest defensively and offensively. These tanks are definitely more suited for things like Mythic+ rather than raids.

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