Lost Ark x The Witcher - dates, rewards and more

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Picture of the Witcher characters in Lost Ark
January 18, 2023: The Witcher event launches today!

Depending on the game that you play, outside collaborations is something that you may be used to. For the very first time, Lost Ark is getting a collaboration that is quite a big one. The developers have announced the Lost Ark x The Witcher collaboration coming to the game.


This collaboration brings a whole event series that has a bunch of exclusive rewards and cosmetics for players to earn. This guide will cover all of the dates, as well as what players can expect from the event when it goes live.

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When is the Lost Ark x The Witcher event?

According to Smilegate, thye Lost Ark x The Witcher collaboration event will take place from January 18, 2023 and finish February 22, 2023. This gives players roughly a month to be able to complete all activities in the event.


What can I do in the Lost Ark x The Witcher event?

Once the event is live, there will be a brand new event island in the world. Once you venture to this island, you'll encounter iconic characters from the Witcher. Players will work with Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennifer and Triss to take on a variety of quests, both daily and story quests.

What rewards can I get from the Lost Ark x The Witcher event?

If you choose to partake in the event, quest rewards will plentiful. You'll be able to get Witcher Potions, 3 new Jukebox songs, a new card set with five Witcher characters, a Stronghold structure, Emoticons, selfie stickers and a Title! There's also a bunch of Witcher themed cosmetics.


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