Lost Ark Artist - release date, abilities, and more

Picture of the Artist in Lost Ark

Picture of the Artist in Lost Ark

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If you're a Lost Ark player, then one of the most exciting times is when a new class gets added to the game. We just saw the release of the Summoner class to the West, and now we have details about the next class coming to the game. We'll cover all the details around the Lost Ark Artist class including its release date and abilities.

The Artist class is another class that we've known about for a while, and was rumored to be a playable class at launch, but it was omitted from the initial lease. Well we now have a release window and details around this brand new class.

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When does the Lost Ark Artist release?

According to a brand new development roadmap for 2023 that was released, we have a release window for the Artist. The Artist will release in April 2023, alongside the Brelshaza Hard Mode Legion raid, and the Hanumatan Guardian Raid.

Lost Ark Artist Abilities

According to the development roadmap, we have some details around how the Artist will play. They are going to be a support class with the Identity spell Moonfall and Sunrise. Moonfall is used to strengthen party members, while Sunrise can heal a single party member's HP.

Thanks to some fine folks on Reddit, erinshe79, we have a rough translations of the Artist's skills and Tripods from the Korean version of the game. We know that gameplay isn't going to be changed for the Western release of the Artist, but the names may be a little bit different.

Lost Ark Artist changes

While there aren't going to be any game play changes to the Artist, there are going to be some minor changes to the character design. The devs have stated that they intend on making some minor changes to make the Artist more suitable for western norms.

These changes include things like having shorts under short skirts and other visual changes. Additionally, any additional skins will also have adjusted visuals to match the visual style of the base character model.

And that's all that we have for you about the Artist in Lost Ark! Be sure to check back closer to April for a full blown build guide for this class. While you're here, if you're looking for more RPG content, be sure to check our some of our guides for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, such as our guide to the new Cinderace Black Crystal raid, and our guide to breeding in Pokemon Gen IX.

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