WoW Dragonflight - best leveling specs for Dragonflight

If you're just getting into World of Wracraft's Dragonflight expansion, or maybe you're looking to level an alt, then you're going to have to go through the leveling process. But the leveling process can sometimes be cumbersome, so what is the best leveling spec for your class? Well our WoW Dragonflight best leveling spec guide will be able to help you out.

Each class has a spec that's better suited to leveling in general than the others, so picking the right spec is important to ensuring you have a smooth leveling process. Since with Dragonflight, you can change talent points and spec on the fly, changing from your leveling spec to your end game spec is easy.

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WoW Dragonflight best leveling spec

If you're looking to maximize your time and efficiency while leveling, then picking the right spec is going to be incredibly important. Regardless of the class, you're going to want to pick a spec that can dish out good damage to multiple mobs at once and decent single target damage, while also having some solid survivability choices.

There are a few different ways to level, via the story campaign, or through dungeons. We're going to primarily focus on specs for the story campaign as that's going to be the most common way to get to level cap. If you're going through dungeons, if you have a spec that can tank or heal, we'd recommend using those to shorten your queue times. If you're a DPS only class, then try and team up with a healer or tank to spam dungeons. But here's the best specs to level with for each class for the campaign.

Death Knight best leveling spec


Frost Death Knight is going to be your top spec to level with. It has straight forward gameplay that doesn't rely on damage over time effects, which are typically weaker for leveling. You also have solid defensive abilities to keep you alive in larger pulls.

Demon Hunter best leveling spec


Havoc Demon Hunters have incredibly strong damage output. They excel at pulling large groups of enemies around their Eye Beam ability cooldown, every 30 seconds. You're a bit defensively weaker, only having a few cooldowns, you do have the chance to spawn Shattered Souls, which can heal you up mid fight.


Vengeance Demon Hunters are also a solid option for leveling, while they are a bit slower at clearing, they have a lot more defensive and healing capabilities than Havoc, so the risk of dying is reduced a lot.

Druid best leveling spec


Guardian is the tank spec for druid and is the top spec to level with. They are incredibly durable, and have really great area of effect damage to cleave down mobs with. It's also nice to be able to have a spec that can be used in dungeons and group play as well.

Monk best leveling spec

For monks, your best leveling spec is Windwalker. It has the smoothest play style of the specs, while putting out great damage. It also has some decent self sustain tools.


Brewmaster is also a viable choice for leveling, as it has decent damage, while having the bulk and defensive capability to make large pulls in open world and dungeons.

Mage best leveling spec


Frost mage is the go to spec for the class. It has solid damage, access to a pet, and great crowd control spells and mobility to stay alive. Fire is a bit more gear dependent but can still level just fine, and Arcane is a good choice especially if you have access to heirlooms.

Rogue best leveling spec


For rogues, you have two very viable options to level with. Subtlety is the first and is more often to go to. It has strong single target burst damage and solid AoE. It also has the best health sustain of the three specs, preventing you from having to stop to eat as often.

The second option is Outlaw. Outlaw has strong AoE and single target damage, while offering the smoothest play style across all levels of the campaign.

Shaman best leveling spec


Shaman’s best leveling spec is going to be Enhancement. It is the melee spec and offers the smoothest solo play style. This spec also has access to some solid defensive spells and healing.

Hunter best leveling spec

Beast Mastery

For Hunters, we recommend Beast Mastery as the spec to level with. Having access to your pets to dish out the damage, while also being your tank allows you to stay safe throughout the campaign.

Paladin best leveling spec


Paladin has two choices to level with, the first of which is Retribution. Retribution has incredible damage output, for both single target and AoE. It does lack some of the huskiness, but it’s a Paladin so it has access to good healing spells.


The other spec you can level with is Protection. It offers a much tankier play style, but still brings great AoE damage for large pulls. It lacks in single target by comparison to Ret, but it’s still an incredibly strong option.

Priest best leveling spec


The main choice for priest mains is going to be Shadow. Given that it’s the only damage spec, it’s the default choice. But that being said, you can run Discipline to level and have access to stronger defensive options, but give up damage.

Warlock best leveling spec


For Warlocks, you have a few options for leveling. The first one is Demonology. This is a pet play style, and generally very strong damage.


The second option that you have as Warlock is Affliction. Affliction is a damage over time spec, and while it can be strong single target, general mobs are going to die too quickly before your damage can really ramp up.

Warrior best leveling spec

Your choice

For the Warrior, all three specs are very strong for leveling. Fury and Arms both are able to output good damage, and have great sustain. If you pick one of these, it mostly just comes down to which style you prefer. Additionally, you can also pick Protection, and while you give up a decent chunk of damage, you ore than make up for it in your ability to group a ton of jobs together to get cleaved down. Not to mention, as Protection, you will have a farm easier time getting into dungeons.

Evoker best leveling spec


For our newest class, the Evoker, you have one choice for leveling, that being Devastation. It is the main damage spec of the class, and it also has some survivability in its self heals.

And that’s all that we have for you! Now you should be armed with the knowledge to conquer the Dragon Isles. While you're here, if you're looking for more RPG content, why not check out some of our guides for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Take a look over at our guides for Tera raid events, and Black Crystal raids.

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