How to sprint in Lies of P

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Pinocchio wielding an electrified mace in Lies of P.
September 18, 2023: Hit the ground running, Lies of P makes its global release tomorrow!

Outrun your foes by learning how to sprint in Lies of P. Combat is the centrepiece of the visually impressive and deceptively tough game from Neowiz Games, Lies of P. Loosely based on the children's tale of Pinocchio, you'll be thrust into the now-ruined city of Krat that is dealing with a significant puppet pest problem.

Running is an essential skill in Lies of P, particularly considering that the majority of the enemies you encounter generally cannot keep up with someone who is running. What's more, running is required if you want Pinocchio to jump across gaps or from one rooftop to another. We'll explain how you can pick up the pace while moving through Krat.

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Pinocchio running in Lies of P
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Credit: Lies of P
Run, run, as fast as you can!

How to sprint in Lies of P

In order to make Pinocchio sprint in Lies of P, or dash as the game calls it, you'll need only hold down the dodge button (which for PS players is the circle button). Naturally, this will chew up your stamina meter, so use it wisely in combat or when running near enemies. Unless you put all of your Ergo into improving your stamina, expect that Pinocchio will only be able to run in short spurts, which is sometimes all you need to survive.

Given how much of a challenge the combat in Lies of P is, sometimes the best strategy to survive is to simply run. While this may not always be a viable option, such as in boss battles, it is actually a handy tactic when working your way through the streets of Krat.

At times, enemies don't necessarily need to be beaten to progress forwards, although you'll miss out on any potential goodies that they drop. Whether you're avoiding the advances of corrupted puppets until you upgrade your weapons or simply want to cover ground faster, sprinting is the way to go.

While sprinting isn't exactly an art form or particularly difficult technique to master in Lies of P, it may go unnoticed for a while as it isn't explicitly taught or explained in the game. But alas, right under your nose, you can run at any time.

That's all you need to know about running, so now it's up to you to decide if you'll also run from the truth in Lies of P. For more guides and tips, take a look at whether you can recover lost Ergo, as well as whether you can change the game's difficulty.

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