Can you recover lost Ergo in Lies of P?

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The death screen in Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P
September 18, 2023: You'll work hard for your Ergo, so find out if you can claim it back! Lies of P makes its full public launch tomorrow!

Find out here if you can recover lost Ergo in Lies of P! While it's visually an incredibly stunning game, don't be fooled - Lies of P will bully you in ways that few other games will. With its easy to learn but tough-to-master combat mechanics and its robot enemies that can be difficult to read, it is likely that even the most skilled soulslike players will meet a demise or two along the way.

Ergo operates as the main currency in Lies of P. However, its' also intertwined in the lore of the game ,as a crucial material that helped the city of Krat on its way to prosperity and eventually to its doom. It can be used to level up Pinocchio and his weapons, however, if he dies it is lost. We will let you know here if you can pick up the Ergo you've dropped.

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Can you recover Lost Ergo in Lies of P?

To put your mind at ease, yes, you can recover lost Ergo in Lies of P. In fact, it has a hauntingly cool name, 'Death Ergo.' While it is possible to collect the power that you've lost, it may not necessarily be easy.

In order to collect your Death Ergo, you have to return to the very spot where you previously died. Since enemies will respawn at each use of a Stargazer, including resurrections, you'll have to tackle the very challenge that bested you if you want to recover what you lost. A tough trade, no less, but we like to see it as an opportunity to get some payback.

Pinocchio picking up death Ergo in Lies of P
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Credit: Lies of P
"Death Ergo" sounds pretty badass, if we're honest.

What if I die again before I retrieve it?

Great question. Well, this would mean that the recovery point would change to where you've just died, and it'll also penalise you for failing to pick it up the first time. We look at it as somewhat of a death tax. Each time you die, your total Death Ergo shrinks.

You can see how much Death Ergo is waiting to be picked up in the top-right corner of your HUD. You will see your current Ergo total, followed by the amount dropped directly underneath. Consider this an opportunity to outweigh the benefits and costs to trying to get it back.

What happens to lost Ergo in boss fights?

As boss fights are designed to be much tougher challenges, the team at Neowiz have given you a lifeline when it comes to Death Ergo. Instead of leaving it sitting there in the middle of a battle for you to risk death to collect again, you will find your lost resources at the entry to the boss battle.


Take this as an opportunity and encouragement to spend what Ergo you have before going into a boss battle, so you're at your strongest and don't pile on excess pressure in trying to keep from losing anymore.

Now, quit stalling and go take back what's yours! For more Lies of P tips, tricks, and hints, take a look at how to upgrade your weapons and how to fast travel in the game.

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