All Lies of P achievements and trophies

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The Krat Exhibition from Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P
September 18, 2023: Look no further, treasure hunters, the Lies of P trophies can be found right here. Go collect them all, Lies of P launches tomorrow!

Calling all trophy hunters and achievement addicts! Putting a dark twist on a classic fairytale, Lies of P takes the puppet boy Pinnochio through the ruined city of Krat. For those looking to add to their virtual silverware collection, here are all of the Lies of P trophies you can earn in the game!

Krat has been overrun by puppets, who now rule the city. With P's father Gepetto missing, the boy needs to take matters into his own hands to find him and uncover the secrets that have torn Krat apart. He'll need more than his skills with a blade, as the choice to tell the truth or lie could have greater repercussions than expected.

We promise we're telling the truth when we say we've got plenty of Lies of P content curated just for you! Take a look at the game's PC requirements if you don't believe us! We've also got a Lies of P release time countdown, so you can dive into the game the instant it launches.

All Lies of P achievements

If you're looking to get the PlayStation Platinum Trophy or grab the maximum number of Xbox Gamerscore in Lies of P, look no further. Here are all of the game's achievements.

Trophy/Achievement Description
Real boy: They all lived happily ever after[Real boy: They all lived happily ever after] Reach the ending.
Free from the puppet string[Free from the puppet string] Reach the ending.
Rise of P[Rise of P] Reach the ending.
The First PuppetKill the Nameless Puppet.
Strongest Normal WeaponStrengthen a normal weapon to its max level.
Strongest Special WeaponStrengthen a special weapon to its max level.
Strongest Legion ArmModify a Legion Arm to its max level.
Extreme PotentialActivate P-Organ to Phase 5.
Pianist of KratPlay a perfect tune on the piano at Hotel Krat.
Legion Arm CollectorCollect all Legion Arms.
Special Weapon CollectorCollect all special weapons.
Normal Weapon CollectorCollect all normal weapons.
Golden MelodyCollect and play all records.
Learning about EmotionsLearn all gestures.
Veteran ExplorerDecipher all cryptic vessels and claim the rewards.
End of RiddlesDiscover all Trinity Sanctums.
First LieTell a lie in front of Hotel Krat Entrance
Stargazer's GuideRepair a Stargazer.
Exploring PossibilitiesTry to assemble a weapon
The Ultimate Defense TechniqueDestroy an enemy's weapon with a perfect guard.
Fatal BlowDeliver a successful Fatal Attack.
The Bastards and the SweepersKill a Stalker
Parade MasterKill the Parade Master.
Scrapped WatchmanKill the Scrapped Watchman.
King's FlameKill King's Flame, Fuoco.
Fallen ArchbishopKill the Fallen Archbishop Andreus.
The Delayed MatchKill the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
King of PuppetsKill Romeo, King of Puppets.
The Champion of EvolutionKill Champion Victor.
Puppet-Devouring Green MonsterKill the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster.
Corrupted Parade MasterKill the Corrupted Parade Master.
Revenge of BlackKill the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
The Complete OneKill Laxasia the Complete.
The Awakened GodKill the Awakened God Simon Manus.
Bear Gold Coin FruitHarvest Gold Coin Fruit.
From Across the RiftKill all types of Dimensional Butterflies.
The Story of the PrinceFind out the last story of Venigni.
The Story of the Refined Old LadyFind out the last story of Antonia.
The Story of the One Who DreamedFind out the last story of Simon Manus.
The Story of the One FatherFind out the last story of Geppetto.
The Story of the Stranger GirlFind out the last story of Eugenie.
The Story of the Blue ButterflyFind out the last story of Sophia.
Pinocchio running through the burning Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P
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Credit: Lies of P
We sure hope the robot version of Pinocchio has a fire extinguisher attachment...

How many endings are in Lies of P?

Yes, you read that correctly. According to the achievements list in Lies of P, there are three different endings that you can reach as the story comes to a dramatic conclusion.

What we know from our brief (not as brief as we'd like to admit, the puppets bully us) playtime with the game is that there are multiple events in the game that will prompt you to decide whether to tell the truth or lie. It's in these events that the trajectory of the story is determined.


Neowiz appears to want you to play through Lies of P on multiple occasions in order to see how the story could potentially play out according to the decisions you make. It promises to offer a completely different outcome, provided you choose differently on each run.

There you have it, every achievement you can earn in Lies of P! While you're here, why not take a look at how to repair weapons in Lies of P, plus whether you can change difficulty.

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