Can you change difficulty in Lies of P?

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Pinocchio against a boss in Lies of P.
Credit: Lies of P
September 18, 2023: Can you change the difficulty settings in Lies of P? Find out before its global launch tomorrow!

Find out here if you can change difficulty in Lies of P. Are you finding Lies of P too tough of a challenge to overcome? You aren't the only one! Despite the title being drawn from the popular children's story of Pinocchio, the game is far from friendly to new and experienced gamers alike.

Combining elements of the popular soulslike genre that is famous for its ruthless bosses and tough-to-master combat mechanics, Lies of P puts a spin on the beloved puppet while staying true to its association with lying. From the very beginning, you're thrust into an overrun Krat and met with some deceptively tough puppet foes that will take you out in a heartbeat if you're not careful.

We have plenty of tips, tricks, and guides to help you on your journey through Lies of P! Take a look at our guide to repairing your weapons, as well as tips on fast travelling through Krat. We've also got a Lies of P release time countdown to get you excited for launch!

Can you change difficulty in Lies of P?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the difficulty in Lies of P. What you see is what you get, and for the team at Neowiz, you are on your own against the puppet invasion.

The most likely spots that you'll generally find difficulty settings are not included in Lies of P. There's no option to select how tough you want the game to be when you start anew, nor are there any inferences to difficulty in the settings menu, both in-game and in the main menu. That's not too much of a surprise, though, because most soulslikes tend not to offer a difficulty toggle.

Unfortunately, we are out of luck and without help. But all is not lost, dear reader - we've got some tips on how to make the game a little less pull-your-hair-out-y.

Pinocchio in the Catherdral of St Frangelico in Lies of P
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Credit: Lies of P
"If u die, u die" - Neowiz, I'd imagine

How to make Lies of P easier

There isn't a special cheat code or mod that you can put in to make Lies of P a little less impossible. However, there are a few small things you can do to increase your chance of getting past the many challenges the game presents. Here are a few to get you started.

Open doors and drop ladders

As you progress through the ruined streets of Krat, you'll often find that there are several gates and doors that will give you an electric shock when you try to open them. That's the game's way of telling you that you're on the wrong end of the door to open it, but if you can find it then you have a shortcut.

Being thorough in Lies of P pays dividends, particularly if you're in a particularly tough spot that has many groups of enemies in succession. Be on the lookout for doors to open or ladders that you can drop, as these will become your shortcut for future runs. This means you won't have to run Hell's gauntlet every time. It's better for your sanity, trust me.

Backtrack and get Ergo


If you're struggling against a particular boss or enemy confrontation, don't be afraid to backtrack and revisit some of your previously conquered foes. The further back you go, the easier you are likely to find those that previously were a challenge. Why? Well, because you will have levelled up Pinocchio and his weapons since then.

With the extra Ergo you get from going back, you can head to Hotel Krat and level yourself and your weapons up. It may very well be the difference between being the victor or the vanquished in the next big boss battle. If there's one thing Lies of P is teaching us, even the older kids, is that patience is a virtue.

We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news about the difficulty settings in Lies of P. But let us make it up to you, we'll let you know if you can recover Ergo you lose when you die, as well as who to see if you want to repair your weapons!

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