How to repair weapons in Lies of P

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Pinocchio with a great sword slung over his shoulders
Credit: Lies of P
September 19, 2023: If you've dive into the full launch but are struggling with weapon degradation, this guide will explain how to repair weapons in Lies of P.

There are few things worse than a dull blade. Sure, they'll still leave some nasty bruises, but in Lies of P, you need your weapons to cut like a hot knife through butter. If you're noticing that your weapon damage is waning, take a look at our guide right here on how to repair weapons in Lies of P!

Putting a grim twist on the classic story, Pinocchio finds himself awakened to the torn-apart city of Krat that has been overrun by corrupted steel puppets. As you battle your way through to find your father, Gepetto, you will encounter more than your fair share of tough combat challenges.

For more info on Lies of P, take a look at the game's achievement list. If you (inevitably) die, we also have you covered on whether you can recover lost Ergo.

How to repair weapons in Lies of P

To repair your weapon in Lies of P, it's as simple as interacting with your belt items like you would with health, consumables, or throwables. By selecting the right tool with the D-pad and holding down the interact button (on PS5, this is the square button), Pinocchio will use his Legion Arm to sharpen the blade.

Given how important it is for your survival, weapon repair in Lies of P is fortunately a fairly simple process, but it can be easy to forget or overlook. The key to weapon maintenance is to ensure that Pinocchio has a Grindstone on one of his belts. It is with this that you can improve your weapon's health.

Be sure to keep an eye out for other Grindstones, because there are a few of them scattered throughout Krat that can give your weapon a temporary ability. Aside from repairing your weapons, they can also give them temporary effect bonuses, such as adding fire damage.

Pinocchio repairing his blade in Lies of P
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Credit: Lies of P
No good soldier's tale started with a blunt blade now, did it?

How to check weapon health in Lies of P

Aside from Pinocchio's health bar, your weapon integrity is arguably the most important section of your player hub in Lies of P. After all, it is just as crucial that you can dish out as much punishment as you can cop.

Each time your blade finds a home in an enemy's chest, the blade's edge will dull a bit. At first, this isn't an issue, however as your weapon deteriorates, it can have a significant impact on the amount of damage you can deliver.


In order to keep an eye on your weapon's health, you can take a look at the bottom-right of the screen, where your Fable Art meters are located. The bar directly above them indicates how strong your blade is and, in extension, how effective it is in combat. It's a sound strategy to repair it at any pause in the action, but it's essential when the bar gets low. Read on to find out about weapon repair.

That's our guide on how to repair your weapons! For more Lies of P tips and tricks, read about how you can upgrade your weapons and how to cover ground faster using fast travel.

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